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New Cytosport Products Coming Soon?

Give Me Strength

New Cytosport Products and Marketing are Coming!

Pay attention Cytosport fans, It looks like there might be some new product releases on the horizon.  The iconic sports nutrition company and manufacturer of the ubiquitous ‘Monster Milk’ ready-to-drink has recently applied for several new trademarks.  The trade names the company seeks to reserve include:

  • Pro 40 Series

  • Pro 40 Formula

  • Monster Intrapower

  • Give Me Strength

What to expect?

Some information about the products can of course be gleaned from the names reserved.  This is all speculation of course as the company has not released any information about the new products yet:

Monster Intrapower

Monster Intrapower would obviously be an intra-workout drink under the monster series banner of products.  This trademark was filed under a class that specifically excludes ready-to-drink beverages, so it seems likely this will be a powdered drink mix.

Pro 40

The Pro 40 marks are presumably the beginning of the next series of supplements from the company, now that the ‘Monster Series’ is nearing completion.   But what the specific aims of that series are remains up in the air.  It could be a reference to the number of grams of protein in a set of drinks.  One theory is that it is going to be a line of products aimed at older athletes 40 and up.   Wherever the products fall it will be interesting to see how they differentiate them from their existing product lines that already share much similarity.

“Give Me Strength”

Give Me Strength is actually in reference to a recent set of marketing spots by Cytosport for Muscle Milk using the tagline in a number of print and online ads recently:

Cytosport - Give Me Strength

Cytosport is starting a new marketing campaign – GIVE ME STRENGTH

Just don’t hold your breath

Because there are no actual products on the table or a timeframe for release just yet.  One thing’s for certain, the supplement industry is notorious for long lead times on product releases.  That said, hopefully we’ll see some news from the company regarding new products in the near future.

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