Versa Gripps Review – CJ Woodruff Explains Versa Gripps Pro

Last week during a back day, CJ borrowed some Versa Gripps from James (thanks James!) and put them to the test.

CJ’s Versa Gripps Review

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CJ has some long sets, so we speed things up into 4X mode.*

The Explanation

His glowing endorsement says it all:

… These are pretty sick grips. Most people are used to those long straps that you wrap around…. this is kind of a rubber piece that is… almost sticky. You wrap it around the bar and hold it.

These are the best things that I’ve ever used on back day.

When it gets to the point when your lats can hold it, but your hands and forearms can’t, the Versa Gripps will help you out

Isn’t this Cheating?

Versa Gripps Review

CJ is using the Versa Gripps PRO in this Video

To play devil’s advocate, I mentioned that I have very weak forearms. Shouldn’t I try to build them up? Isn’t this cheating?

CJ responded,

“Well, that’s kind of a difficult question, and honestly, I would answer it in two ways.

If your goal is to get stronger, so say you’re a powerlifter or a strongman for instance… you definitely need a lot of forearm strength. And so I would say, try and use the grips as little as possible.

In fact, as a bodybuilder, I still say use the grips as little as possible.

But when it comes down to it, we’re trying to force as much exertion out of our lats as possible, and sometimes that takes really heavy loads. It’s not realistic that my small forearm flexors, or my hand for that matter, can hold up all that weight. So, what it does is short our lats to working their full potential.

So when you’re trying to isolate your back muscles, specifically your lats, especially when you’re on heavy rows, heavy dumbbell rows… we’ll throw in the grips just to add a little bit more force in the lats – make them work a little harder with a heavier load.

But again, like in the beginning, I wouldn’t recommend using them all the time because like you mentioned, you’ll end up with weak forearms. So try to use them as little as possible, but if you need to overwork the lats a little bit, throw them in, this is an awesome tool.

This is the Versa Gripps Pro.

About CJ Woodruff

CJ is a personal trainer in Austin, TX, who is training for the Adela Garcia Glassic in June of 2013. You can follow CJ on his Facebook page at

CJ also does weekly training for other personal trainers down in San Antonio, TX. His site is at

CJ’s Trainer – Amin Shahry

Shown in the video is none other than Amin Shahry, natural bodybuilder, who is coaching CJ through his prep.

Filmed at the Big Tex Gym in Austin, TX

This video was filmed at the Big Tex Gym in North Austin, TX. Come check out BTG at!

*If Amon Amarth (the Viking death metal music playing in the background) just isn’t fast enough for you, maybe you’ll like what you hear during CJ’s drop set.

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