Tiger Fitness Coupon – Best Deals EVER Today!

Tiger Fitness Coupon

Looking to save on MTS or anything else at TigerFitness? We’ve got you covered!

It’s loyal customer gains day today at Tiger Fitness, so today only, they’re offering an extra $25 off orders of $150 or more!

To put that in perspective, that’s 16.67% off if you have a $150 shopping cart!

The link above uses PricePlow’s new supplement coupon system – more features are coming soon!

What can I get with today’s Tiger Fitness Coupon?

The first thing to think of is protein!

Specifically… the one protein that’s hard to get deals on – MTS Whey! At a current $54.99 retail price tag, we can get three tubs to taste three flavors, and then use the coupon.

Let’s see how the math works out:

MTS Whey Before the coupon

Dollars per gram of protein: 67 servings * 25g protein per serving = 1675 total grams protein per tub

1675g / $54.99 = 30.46g protein per dollar

Very good for an award winning protein powder that’s highly trusted not to be spiked.

Now let’s grab three of them and apply the coupon.

1675 * 3 tubs = 5025 total grams

Total Price: $54.99 * 3 – 25 = $139.97

And to get the new grams of protein per dollar:

5025 / $139.97 = 35.9g / dollar!
MTS Whey Coupon

When we see coupons like this — especially at TigerFitness, we immediately think protein!

Boom – today you just stretched each dollar an extra 5.5 grams of protein with this coupon. Welcome to Gainsville, powered by MTS, Marc Lobliner, and Tiger Fitness!

Deal’s over… now what?

The good news is that we still have an exclusive 5% off sitewide Tiger Fitness coupon for our users only. The main caveat is that it’s a one-time use coupon, so you’ll want to use it wisely when you’re loading up. To see it, click below:

Note: This coupon beats its competitors

Also note that for comparison sake, other stores’ default “$25 off” coupon is “$25 off $300+ orders” – the threshold here from Tiger Fitness is 2x lower. So comparatively, it’s a great coupon discount offering.

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