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PricePlow is EXPANDING into the Online Meat & Grass-Fed Beef Industry

PricePlow is Expanding: Meat and Beef Deals!

Note: The following announcement can also be followed in the video below:

Hi PricePlow Nation — Mike here, founder of PricePlow. Before we begin, I’d like to say thanks to all of our regular viewers, supporters, and commenters. You’re the […]

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The PricePlow Forum Mission Statement

PricePlow Forum

The PricePlow Forum is finally here!

To kick things off, we wanted to set the tone and set some expectations.

So below is our mission statement:

Striking the perfect balance

Over the years, PricePlow has been fortunate enough to […]

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“Welcome to PricePlow”: The History of PricePlow | Episode #001

The PricePlow Podcast is here!

On September 21, 2017, the team got together and filmed the first episode. Learn more about what we plan on doing with the podcast below:

Audio version: Notes

The cast has changed, but here’s what we said we’d like to […]

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The PricePlow Podcast is Launched, and it’s Powered by Pre Workouts

The PricePlow Podcast is here!

You read that right: The PricePlow Podcast has officially begun!

This is a new Podcast Series that will be done a bit differently: There are two interviewers — Mike and Ben — and we will each find and interview people […]

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The PricePlow Forum is Coming Soon

PricePlow Forum Coming Soon

You read that right — The PricePlow Forum is Coming Soon.

We’ll keep this page up to date with the latest happenings.

Help us out: Answer our Questionnaire

Right now, you can best help us by answering our Questionnaire[…]

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PricePlow and Athletic Xtreme Announce Pricing Technology Partnership

MAP Pricing

Austin, TX

PricePlow, a price comparison engine for nutritional supplements, today announced a web services partnership with Athletic Xtreme, a high-end sports nutrition supplement manufacturer.

As a part of the partnership, PricePlow’s price comparison and user subscription tools are […]

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Supplement Nutrition Labels are Now on PricePlow!

Today, we’re proud to announce that PricePlow now has nutrition labels!

To be more exact, 81% of PricePlow‘s products have ingredient labels.

This post is about how it works, and what we’re doing with that information next.

Updated product[…]

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BOGO Supplement Deals Now Listed at PricePlow!

Buy One Get One Free Supplements

Over the past few weeks, PricePlow users may have started noticing a cool new feature on the main site and through price drop alert emails: Buy 1 Get 1 Free availability for some supplements!

Today, we’d like to officially introduce […]

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Altius Pre-Workout by Jacked Factory: The G.O.A.T?!

Jacked Factory Altius

Jacked Factory released Altius earlier this year, and it takes the phrase “clinically dosed” and knocks it out of the park!

Few companies have tried to formulate a pre-workout (or any other supplement for that matter) with the full dosages […]

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Supplement Coupons are Now Built into PricePlow!

Supplement Coupons

Happy New Year!

Today, we’re happy to announce supplement coupons here at PricePlow!

But unlike every other coupon site or deals page out there, we’re doing it with a twist: the coupons are rolled into the actual product price comparisons […]

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