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Primeval Labs Intracell 7 Re-Ups Workout Performance

Primeval Labs Intracell 7

One of the hottest brands on the market right now, Primeval Labs, has been on a major tear. They’ve always been known for their popular intra workout / EAA supplement, EAA Max, but recently took things to a […]

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Maxx Chewning’s Mango Margarita Ghost Legend Pre Workout is Back for 2021!

Ghost Legend Maxx Chewning Mango Margarita 2021

Great news for fans of Maxx Chewning, mango margaritas, and everyone in between: Maxx’s custom formula and flavor of the Ghost Legend pre workout is back for 2021, now in his fourth season of collabs!

2021: More Mango, More Pumps,[…]

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Maxx Chewning’s Strawberry Daiquiri Ghost Legend Pre Workout is NOT Back

GHOST Legend Maxx Chewning Note: The 2021 Maxx Chewning Collabs are out, and unfortunately, the award-winning Strawberry Daiquiri did not get re-released this time around. However, you can read about the 2021 flavors in our articles on Maxx Chewning Ghost Legend Mango Margarita,[…]

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FiberMode: EVL Fiber + Probiotic = Polydextrose-Driven Gut Health

EVL Fiber + Probiotic

EVLution Nutrition is a brand we’ve shown a lot of love, especially with our constant obsession over the Fruit Punch flavor of BCAA Energy. With all the hype and craze surrounding pre- and intra workout supplements, there is less […]

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SteelFit Shredded Steel: The Intense Fat Burner That Wires You IN

SteelFit Shredded Steel Label

Update! Shredded Steel has been awarded PricePlow’s Best Fat Burner of the Year! See why below!

Although a “new” brand, SteelFit‘s team has been in the fitness industry for nearly 30 years. They come from Pro TanⓇ, the […]

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Genius Heart & Cardiovascular Formula: Serious Ticker Support

Genius Heart Cardiovascular

Whenever The Genius Brand surfaces with a new product, you know it’s going to be an innovative, effective, and open formula. We’ve seen numerous examples of this since the brand debuted, and two of our personal favorites from the brand […]

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