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Bench Press Grip Tips: Closed Hand vs Open Hand (Suicide Grip)

Bench Press Mistake

How Much Ya Bench, bro?

The number of times this question has been asked between guys is probably in the billions. The barbell bench press is one of the “Big 3” exercises (aside from squats and deadlift) and is without […]

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PNI Prodigy Log Day 15 – Herve’s Back Day

Another day of working out, done! Today was a back day for me in the gym. I must admit I came to the gym very tired. I went out last night which wasn’t the greatest idea, but I wanted to […]

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PNI Prodigy Log: Another Leg Day

Herve Doing Lunges on Prodigy Day 2

Yesterday’s leg day was a bit different. I didn’t have time for my usual breakfast in the morning as I was running late for work. I just grabbed a yogurt and protein shake to go instead. I felt tired, but […]

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