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Muscle Elements Post Pro Review: America Pop Flavor!

Muscle Elements Post Pro America Pop Review

Robert and CJ review the America Pop flavor of Muscle Elements monstrous post workout recovery and muscle-building supplement Post Pro

We finally got it in!

We’ve been hearing for a long time that Muscle Elements was going to release a bombsicle flavor of their exceptional, catch-all post workout recovery and muscle building supplement, Post Pro, but never saw it… until now!

Our Muscle Elements Post Pro Review Saga

Sure, we’ve reviewed the original flavor of Post Pro, but the first round of results were less than desirable due to us getting a bad-tasting batch of the product. While the effectiveness could never be questioned, the flavoring certainly needed work on the Orange Dream flavor – and as you’ll see, that flavoring eventually came!

Plus, the America Pop flavor takes care of all of that and then some! This flavor is amazing — literally just like a melted blue bombsicle!!

  • Post Pro America Pop Flavor

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  • Original Post Pro Orange Dream Flavor Review — From the bad batch

    In all fairness to Muscle Elements, we got a bad batch of the Orange Dream Post Pro for our initial review. They’ve gone back and fixed the flavoring snafu and the versions you’ll find on the shelf now and much better tasting.

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  • The Revenge of Eric Tomko

    Following up on the heels of our review, owner of Muscle Elements, Eric Tomko, contacted us to regarding the review as well as to explain what happened in the flavoring. Few companies have the character, integrity, and balls to admit their mistakes publicly and promise to fix them (which they did!).

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  • Corrected Orange Dream Post Pro Flavor

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So now you have it – two wonderful flavors. You can read more about it on our official Muscle Elements Post Pro blog post.

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