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Our FinaFlex BCAA SAA Review – Are the Silk Aminos Worth It?

FinaFlex BCAA SAA Review - Are SAAs worth the Cost Addon?

FinaFlex BCAA SAA – Are SAAs worth the Cost Addon?

It kills us to write reviews that aren’t completely positive, but that’s the way things go sometimes.

Let’s Talk Silk Amino Acids

If you know us, you won’t be surprised to find that we’re not major fans of Silk Amino Acids (SAA). Despite the hype from some extremely large companies, there simply isn’t enough human-based science to support using them – especially if you want to replace your BCAA with them. Besides the lack of research, there’s next to no leucine content in SAA.

However, all protein-based amino acids have benefits, and using them will be better than water in some form or another. So we were happy to try FinaFlex’s BCAA SAA product, which takes the best of both worlds – Branched Chains and the non-essential silk amino acids.

FinaFlex BCAA SAA – Worth the Risk?

There are two questions to answer:

  1. First, are the added silk amino acids worth the extra money per serving?

    It depends on your budget… but if you’re not an elite athlete, with the current lack of science, the answer may easily be no.

  2. Second… will we enjoy using the product?

    That is answered below:

Mike and CJ’s BCAA SAA Review

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The Taste

Besides the questions about the profile (it’s proprietary and we’re not so sure about SAA’s), it really comes down to the taste. And while it technically tastes good, this flavor does not smell good, and is bad enough to ruin each sip if you don’t hold your nose.

The Workout

That all said, we had a great workout, and endurance was high on a huge squat day drop set. There were tons of reps performed, and everything went well. Mike had an easier time finishing the product off than CJ, who doesn’t like to drink too much on leg day in the first place.

Overall Conclusion

If you’re a fan of BCAAs and want to give SAA a shot, we’d recommend this if you can score it for less than $0.75/serving. At that point, it might be worth a shot — but get a different flavor or hope for a different batch of Apple Jacks than what we received.

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