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Cocaine Energy Drink Review: A Spicy Energy Drink?!

This one was simply too good to pass on.

The PricePlow gang convened to try their hand at a tasting of Cocaine Energy Drink.

Cocaine Energy Drink Review

Have you ever tried cocaine? Witness PricePlow’s reaction to a live testing of Cocaine.

You read that right, we’ve never tried cocaine and so we decided to give it an honest go, once and for all.

Of course, we’re talking about the energy drink and not the illegal street drug. Sorry to disappoint those of you hoping for something a little edgier.

The crew tries two flavors of cocaine, mild and spicy hot. You get a fair amount of caffeine, 280mg,in a single 8oz can. But with that energy also comes a truckload of sugar, to the tune of 18g per serving!

If you’re going to try cocaine, don’t go light, go for the spicy hot kind!

Cocaine Energy Drink Review: Go for the Spicy Kind!

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