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ANS Fortitude Review – The End of Colby’s MONSTROUS Month

First off, I would like to say a BIG thank you to ANS for providing the Fortitude and Ritual for this log. I would also like to thank Mike from PricePlow for having me be a member here and logging my workouts.

Day 28 on Ritual and Fortitude by ANS

Day 28 on Ritual and Fortitude by ANS

The last few days have been hardcore. Today, the last day on Fortitude I set huge PR’s in squats.

My Fortitude Review:


  • Increased recovery from intense training sessions
  • Increased aggression in the weight room, “alpha male” feeling intensified
  • Increase of strength, *with proper training, nutrition this product aided in my gains*
  • Increased fullness
  • Enhanced vascularity “dry” look
  • Easy to dose


  • I’m genetically prone to acne so this product did result in some oily skin and back acne
  • Slight temper

I really can’t express how fun this 30 day run has been, I have grown a lot during this time.

People constantly remark on how my mindset and body composition have changed. This product is a keeper for my next stack!


Thursday Squats

Tonight was quite epic, I caught most of the highlights on footage. I have never hit 315lbs for more than 3 reps and tonight I was doing sets of 10.. huge gains. I also hit a PR on squat of 420lbs. 35lb PR


I would like to first off give a quick video review for Ritual, an awesome new pre-workout by ANS. They did not ask me or expect me to make a review, but I was very impressed by this product.

This post covered the final days (28-30) of Colby Strunk’s ANS Fortitude log.

You can read the entire log at Colby’s author page. Please also subscribe to Colby’s YouTube channel.

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