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Vein Nutrition is a brand new supplement company devoted to helping athletes of all walks, especially the ones that love high stim products!

So many supplements, so little time! This industry is swarmed with new products and companies every day, it’s difficult for consumers to know which ones are worth checking out, and which ones are best left untouched.

That’s where we come in to help!

We’ve introduced some stellar up and coming brands before, but none quite like today’s spotlight company — Vein Nutrition.

They’re a young brand, led by a former pharmaceutical big wig, that’s producing some stuff for the hardcore supplement users out there.

We’ve got plenty more info to come on Vein Nutrition, but before we get there, you can check their website at!

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Who Is Vein Nutrition?

Vein Nutrition Ashlie Calderwood

Vein Nutrition athlete Ashlie Calderwood is loving her Vein gear.

After logging a number of years in the pharmaceutical industry, the team behind Vein Nutrition finally had enough of working for “the man” (especially Big Pharma) and wanted to work for themselves. They set out to create a company that does right by the consumer, doesn’t hide anything, and brings nothing but the honest truth in everything they do.

Vein definitely packs the goods in the product department — more on that below!

Future Lots Manufactured by Hi-Tech!

While most supplement companies are reluctant to discuss where their products are manufactured, that’s not the case with Vein Nutrition. They were incredibly forthcoming during our interview and proudly stated that Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals/NutraCap (who apparently recently merged with Hi-Tech) will now be handling all of their manufacturing going forward.

Additionally, they are also looking into providing HPLC testing for each batch produced of their product, which shows a commitment to getting their dosing right for each and every product.

Who is Vein Nutrition for?

We mentioned up top that Vein is a more “hardcore” brand, but if they’re not manufacturing and selling prohormones, who exactly is their target audience?

By “hardcore”, we’re talking about those people out there who are the hardcore stimulant fiends (e.g. PricePlow’s CJ). You know the type — routinely double scoops even powerful pre workouts and loves the more extreme stimulants out there including DMAA, DMHA, Eria Jarensis, etc.

Also, even though Vein isn’t making prohormones or other muscle-builders, they do genuinely care for the athletes that do choose to take those products, and as such, make several products to support their needs.

”Our primary target demographic is those are looking for higher dosed fringe supplements that you won’t see at big chain stores or large established supplement companies – we’re talking high stims, DMAA, DMHA, nootropics, and new, promising but not at well tested ingredients. Our secondary target demographic is professional and amateur athletes who take performance enhancing drugs. Our primary and secondary are actually related because our overarching philosophy when approaching our demographic is that supplements are only a small component of working out/being fit/competing. Of course there are people who love supplements and prioritize them higher than others. But the reality is the key components of getting that Arnold look is good food, good rest, consistent challenging workouts and drugs. After all that comes supplements, and supplements can absolutely help.

For example, a good pre workout after a rough day really goes a long way, I think both physically and psychologically. But you really can’t compare supplements to drugs, they are on two completely differently realms in terms of results. So for our target demographics we’ve structured products that can benefit in and out of the gym whether you’re on drugs or not. For our main demographic, I believe our supplements are some of the strongest dosed that come as close as you can to the best results from supplements. And for our secondary demographic, our supplements will benefit you whether or not you’re taking drugs.”

Top Vein Nutrition Products

Rather than just highlight a handful of products for Vein, we thought it’d be more useful to explain the brand’s focus and philosophy towards product formulation and design:

  • Pre Workout

    Vein Nutrition has designed four distinct pre workouts to cover every athletes desires / needs going into a vigorous training session – from lower to higher stimulants.

    • Aorta

      Vein Nutrition Rupture New Look

      Vein Nutrition recently rolled out some brand new labels for their diverse line of products. These feature a much more modern / sleeek look compared to the older style “edgy” labels.

      Lower stim, endurance and pump focused pre workout for the higher volume days. Each scoop packs 150mg DMHA, 100mg Eria Jarensis (N-phenethyl dimethylamine), and 5mg yohimbine HCl along with a host of pump and focus boosters.

    • Rupture

      A “moderately” stimmed pre workout (200mg caffeine + 75mg DMAA) that provides a great balance of energy and pump. This is the pre workout most of you will probably gravitate towards, but it does get crazier if you need it:

    • Blood Shot

      WARNING: A major discrepancy has been found with the scoop size of this supplement as reported in the press release linked above. ALWAYS use a food scale with your supplements, especially those with stimulants. This came before the switch to Hi-Tech’s manufacturing.

      For the serious stim fiends out there, this is just for you. A full scoop of this energizing pre workout will give you 200mg caffeine, 100mg Eria Jarensis, 60mg 1,3 DMAA, and 60mg of 1,4 DMAA! Don’t expect this one to be around too long though, it seems to be a limited-time offering and now that Hi-Tech will be in the mix, we don’t foresee them making this ever!

      We’ve got a hold of it and can’t wait to try it out – but you better half-scoop it or even less the first few times!!

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    • Stim Free

      To round out their panoply of pre workouts, Vein is currently developing a stim free pump/focus based product that can be used as a standalone for late night workouts, or stack with any of the brand’s other dynamic pre workouts.

      When asked why they developed such a diverse spread of pre workouts, Vein HQ said:

      ”You really have a choice of being able to mix and match or choose a pre that’s better suited for your body chemistry and fitness purposes.”

  • Cycle Support

    Vein Nutrition Liver IV Protect

    Though Vein doesn’t make any hardcore anabolic supplements, they take health VERY seriously and have produced a comprehensive liver support formula.

    In line with Vein’s commitment to supporting the more aggressive (i.e. prohormone) users out there. They’ve developed a couple of cycle support supplements to protect your most vital organs.

    • Liver IV

      Liver IV provides full spectrum protection for your liver during your run of the more aggressive compounds out there. It’s ideally used “on cycle” but also makes a great addition to your post cycle therapy (PCT)

      ”We think TUDCA is the best and most effective liver support ingredient on the market now because it’s just a compound with a taurine conjugate of the pharmaceutical drug UDCA, which is prescribed for liver cirrhosis – this is ideal for those taking prohormones and oral steroids and anything that has to pass through the liver.

    • Ventristane

      Vein’s arimistane-based product for maximum aromatase inhibition. This halts estrogen proliferation and supports maximum endogenous testosterone production!

      Arimistane is an incredibly effective, legal, and cost effective AI for those who don’t want, or can’t get access to, the more potent prescribed AIs such as arimidex or aromasin.

  • Sleep Aids

    Sleep is insanely important to recovery and growth, there’s no way around it. Some people need less sleep than others, but the overarching factor in proper muscle-building and repair is sleep quality!

    To make sure you’re getting the best night’s sleep possible, Vein Nutrition has developed two incredibly effective sleep aids:

    • Sedation

      Vein Nutrition Sedation Breakfast

      Sedation is a non-habit forming, non-tolerance buildup supplement that enhances sleep and recovery.

      Sedation qualifies as the “everyday” type of sleep aid, as it isn’t habit-forming or based on ingredients that come with a rapid tolerance buildup, such as Phenibut. Sedation is incredibly well rounded and will not only help you get to sleep, but enjoy a more “productive” sleep, so you can recover faster and get back to the weights sooner!

    • Comatize

      For those nights you really, REALLY need help getting a good night’s rest, Vein has developed Comatize, and the formula ensures you’ll be knocked out for a solid 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

      Each serving contains 200mg Phenibut, along with other potent sleep aids in GABA, 5-HTP, and a few other surprise ingredients such as Humlus lupals and Kavalactones — a class of lactone compounds that exert numerous effects, most prominent among those are as a sedative and analgesic.

What You Won’t Find

Notice some thing different about the top products from Vein compared to other brands on the market?

We’ll give you a hint — you won’t find the usual “money makers” other supplement companies produce such as “instant weight loss” fat burners, testosterone boosters, and other purported “muscle builders.” Vein is firmly committed to a no BS approach to product formulation, and with that, you can expect only truly effective products backed by clinically-proven ingredients.

”The brand that we want to create with Vein Nutrition is to be known as a brand that is truly no BS. I do not believe there are any pro-hormones, muscle builders, testosterone boosters, “pop a pill” fat shredders or anything of that nature on the legal market right now. 5-10 years ago there were some effective pro-hormones that brought significant results, epistane for example. I don’t think it’s classy or professional to call out specific companies on their products and practices but overall I do not believe there are any effective pro-hormone or muscle building type legal supplements that exist on the market. Now, SERMS/SARMS are a completely different subject and it’s a very gray area and is a topic of discussion for another time, but all I will say now is I do believe some SERMS/SARMS can be effective but the sourcing of them can be questionable.

One of the primary reasons we do not support pro-hormone/muscle building type supplements is that we truly want the support of athletes. Many of the athletes that people strive to look like are taking steroids. I think in the past few years, more and more athletes and supplement companies are being more realistic with steroid use and that deserves a lot of respect. When you have products that top athletes actually take and can support, that goes a long way in building your brand’s credibility. Consumers are smarter than ever these days, and many know these days that the pros and even amateur competitors are not taking Muscle Builder XYZ from supplement company A. As a result, our brand strives to provide products that even geared athletes can take and endorse – pre workouts, BCAAs, protein isolate, liver support, sleep aid, etc.”

Where to Find Vein Nutrition Supps?

For the time being, Vein Nutrition is primarily direct to consumer right. However, they are currently investigating which retail and online stores they want to partner with to sell their products. So keep an eye out as a store near you may be carrying these premium supplements.

Where to Follow Vein Nutrition

Up Close with Vein

Want even more behind the scenes info with Vein Nutrition?

Check out this podcast with SuppTalk Radio:


We’ve covered quite a few new brands in recent months, but Vein Nutrition is without a doubt one of the most intriguing brands we’ve encountered in some time. The owner’s pharmaceutical background is clearly evident in the formulations that used clinically-proven ingredients in efficacious doses.

If there are no products available in the widgets below, then make sure to check them out at and stay tuned for the PP crew’s full blown review of Vein’s pre workouts!

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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