Sparta Nutrition Supplements: Seize Your Glory!

Sparta Nutrition Seize Your Glory

Sparta Nutrition is a new supplement company committed to “bringing the best to the best” through its diverse line of prohormones and monstrous pre workout.

Today’s society seems more complacent than ever. We live in a day and age where everyone is awarded a participation trophy and are told it’s “OK” to be average. Worse yet, that kind of  attitude has bled into the supplement industry, where a new company pops up every other day with the same old rehashed formulas that are just carbon copies of everyone else’s garbage products.

Enough is enough for a select few — the ones leading the charge against mass-market mediocrity. One of the hottest young brands is Sparta Nutrition, and they’ve got a bone to pick with the current state of the system. We knew this much was true when we featured their Kraken Pre Workout Supplement – one of the craziest and most successful product launches we’ve ever seen!

After seeing that monster, we had to learn more about just who in the hell these Sparta guys were and what they were about. We’ve got plenty more info to come on Sparta Nutrition, but before we get there, make sure to sign up for PricePlow alerts and receive the very best deals from around the web:

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Who Is Sparta Nutrition?

The Spartans were an elite class of warriors who were said to have descended from Hercules himself. Spartans exuded the ancient saying of “live by the sword, die by the sword” as they never retreated, surrendered, or avoided a confrontation. Basically, Spartans were the OG badasses that had everyone shaking in their boots when they came to town.

Bringing the Best for the Best

Sparta Nutrition Beauty

Sparta is for the Best of the Best…there’s no room for mediocrity amidst the Spartan family!

Sparta Nutrition was founded with that same mindset of “bringing the best for the best”. When Sparta was started, the industry was lacking in terms of muscle builders and legal prohormones. Companies (with the exception of Hi-Tech) were putting out minimally dosed products that need to be bought in 3-4 units to run a simple cycle.

Sparta decided it was time to bring a brand to market that will deliver the maximum doses so that one bottle will suffice one run, so that we can bring the best ingredients and delivery technology, no matter the cost, and deliver real results, safely.

Who is Sparta Nutrition “ideally” for?

With a motto of “bringing the best for the best,” surely you wouldn’t expect Sparta to be aimed at your typical soccer mom supplement GNC shopper. No, not even close. Sparta Nutrition’s primary demographic are young adults (20s – 30s) with a hardcore attitude and drive to be the absolute best.

There’s no room for second place, when you’re a Spartan!

Sparta Nutrition’s Top Products

Sparta recently revamped several of their top prohormone product for their V2 Series debut. The upgrades have vaulted Sparta’s prohormones into some of the most potent and powerful ones out there. As part of the V2 line, Sparta also released a true behemoth of a pre workout, which we recently broke down on the blog:

  • Kraken

    Sparta Nutrition Kraken Ingredients

    Kraken is LOADED with all the right pump ingredients and a robust energy blend that’ll have you feeling amped up and really good!

    Take one look at this label, try not to start salivating. Kraken is a MONSTER of a pre workout! It boasts clinical doses of all major ingredients as well as full transparency (extremely rare when dealing with the Eria + DMHA combo).

    Even more interesting is the fact that it “only” has 200mg caffeine per full serving – this is for those who get too stimmed out by the large caffeine doses… which you honestly don’t need with the large amounts of PEA from eria jarensis and DMHA.

    Kraken will give you everything and then some of what you want and need in a pre workout — pumps, energy, focus, stamina, you name it! Pre-sale just ended on the product, we’ve already pegged it as a “can’t miss” product of late 2016 / early 2017.

    We’re getting ready to put this through the paces, and you can expect a FULL review in short order.

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  • Cerberus V2

    Sparta Nutrition Cerberus Strongest

    Cerberus is the strongest legal prohormone stack on the market that combines potent doses of 1-Andro, 4-Andro, and Epiandro.

    What better way to follow up a beasty pre workout than with the strongest legal triple stack prohormone on the market. Cerberus V2 is a new breed of prohormones, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

    Each serving of the three headed monster packs a whopping 85mg of 1-Andro, 85mg of 4-Andro, and 150mg of Epiandro, per capsule! Even better, each bottle contains 90 servings, making it an extremely high-value product given the quality and dosing of the prohormones.

    To top it off, Sparta Nutrition has sought out the gold standard of delivery systems for prohormones with none other than Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ Cyclosome™ Delivery Technology.

  • Spartan Mass V2

    Sparta Nutrition Spartan Mass V2

    Need to get huge in a hurry? Spartan Mass V2 is the bulker’s dream prohormone stack of 1-Andro and 4-Andro.

    Need to build the MASS? Then this prohormone stack is for you!

    Sparta Mass V2 is the bulker’s dream prohormone stack as each capsule combines a heaping 100mg of 1-Andro alongside 100mg of 4-Andro. We’ve got quite in-depth about 1-Andro before on the blog, but here’s a few highlights.

    It’s one of the few prohormones with actual human research showing it gives “steroid-like” gains when administered daily. Best of all though, is that 1-Andro incapable of converting to estrogen!

    Now, 4-Andro has the possibility to aromatize into estrogen, but this is what happens when you go after the serious gains in testosterone. No doubt it comes along with the significantly increased test levels you’ll have while on Spartan Mass V2, and you do need some estrogen after all for normal functioning.

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    With that said, PCT is recommended with this supplement, and it’s definitely a bit more of a massive “wet” bulk, as opposed to next one:

  • Spartan Hard V2

    Looking to recomp in a hurry? Spartan Hard is the choice for you!

    Looking to recomp in a hurry? Spartan Hard is the choice for you!

    Let’s say you’re not in pure bulk mode, but more in recomping and tightening up. Spartan Hard V2 is where you need to look. Each capsule of the revamped prohormone stack contains a 100mg of 1-Andro with 150mg of Epiandro per capsule.

    This duo of prohormones works incredibly well as a hardening agent while still increasing lean mass gains, strength and vascularity. Furthermore, the increased aggression and libido will have you truly entered into full Spartan mode and have you ready to tackle a wildebeest and then the woman back home afterwards!

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Typically, when you’re a big player in the prohormone game, you’re not that forthcoming with who your manufacturer / supplier of ingredients is. However, Sparta Nutrition yet again separates themselves from the competition by stating that they will be sharing all lab tests.

Manufactured at Hi-Tech: What’s on the label is IN the bottle and nothing more!

Even better, they openly disclosed who is manufacturing their prohormones, none other than the leader of all things anabolic, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals!

Hi-Tech has quickly become the most popular manufacturer for such hardcore product lines, not only due to their insanely strict GMP facilities and Cyclosome delivery technologies, but also because of their passing of FDA audits time after time.

Where to Follow Sparta Nutrition

Where to find Sparta Nutrition Products?

Sparta Nutrition V2 Lineup

Here’s the new V2 line up in all it’s glory.

You know that PricePlow is the best place to find the best deals and coupons — price comparisons are below — but you also need to check out, especially for future pre-sales like the enormously hyped Kraken one!

Sparta’s form of distribution is all-encompassing, as they make use of distributors, retailers, and wholesale accounts to disseminate their products to the masses.

On the Road to Glory!

Well that Kraken post sure got everyone’s attention!

While we have entered a new age of transparency in recent years, there’s still an awful lot of copycat crap products being released on a very frequent basis. Someone in the industry has finally said “STOP THE MADNESS!” and that someone is Sparta Nutrition.

They’re relatively new on the scene, but they’re here to shake things up in a very big way. We like what we’ve seen from a dosing and transparency standpoint thus far, and have nothing but high expectations for the brand going forward.

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