Brand of Brothers: This is the NEW Sparta Nutrition

I liked Murtaza — or “Mo”, as he goes by — of Sparta Nutrition the moment I met him.

Mo (Murtaza) Sparta Nutrition

Mo sets out to show the supplement industry a thing or two — and succeeds!

Something about this guy just seemed genuine. He was friendly and curious, full of questions about myself, even though he was the one with the most interesting things happening. He struck this unique blend of unselfishness and what I call “entrepreneurial aggressiveness”, somehow simultaneously making the conversation about PricePlow, yet also making it very clear that his new brand, Sparta Nutrition, was going to do big things. And he was right.

A disruptive product changes the game…

After meeting Mo, I had the honor of beta testing his hot new pre workout formula — only knowing the caffeine content at the time. My feedback? “This stuff is awesome – right up my alley”, I wrote… but regarding the flavor, it was a bit chalky and I did call it “girlie”, which I’m sure he didn’t love.

That product went on to be the first version of the uber-unique Kraken pre workout (Sex on the Beach flavor, hence the ‘feminine’ taste). Not too long after that, Mo moved Sparta to a newer manufacturer, solved the chalkiness problem, and released the Kraken to the masses, with insane amounts of success and plenty of flavors that I couldn’t poke fun at, since they were extremely good.

What kind of brand do you want to be? Meet Mustafa.

Sparta Nutrition Seize Your Glory

The original branding here fit the name, but it didn’t necessarily fit the brothers behind the name

On the back of Kraken, the Hydrashred fat burner, and some other hardcore supplements, Sparta did fantastically well, but there was a lack of true “identity”, as they launched cleaner, newer products that didn’t exactly fit the brand’s previous mold. Mo began to drift the brand away from the “hardcore” and more into the “mainstream”. Yet all the while, the imagery and branding still echoed that edgy, distressed look. It didn’t completely fit.

Mustafa Sparta Nutrition

Immaculately dressed and groomed, Mustafa brought a style that the brand began to reflect

Problem about to be solved, because now’s when you get to meet Mustafa, Mo’s older brother.

If I could use one word to describe Mustafa, it is slick. This guy is the best-dressed, most well-groomed gentleman in any room he walks into. Not a hair misplaced. Ultra clean. And something about those eyes and that soft-spoken tone tells you that he could steal any of your brand’s models if he wanted — but he has far more important things to do today.

It was time to give Sparta Nutrition a little bit of the Mustafa treatment.

Hardcore in a different sense

With the realization that these guys are not hardcore in the traditional “supplement industry sense”, but are hardcore in other areas of life (like looking damned sharp), they decided to undergo a serious rebranding. One that represented the brothers behind the brand.

Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey Rebrand

We knew big things were coming when Spartan Whey was launched with a completely fresh look

Those closely following could already see it underway. Sparta’s new Keto Supplement Series was unlike anything the brand had previously launched – and sold out in blazing time (I have the data to prove this).

The new Spartan Whey, which we consider one of the best — if not the best — protein powders on the market right now, had a sharper, cleaner look and labeling. The brilliant Mo formula met the Mustafa brand, and what we were left with was a tub worth talking about, in an era where protein powder isn’t usually that big of a deal.

These two successful launches were an indication that the brothers and team were on the right track. Now it’s time to go big or go home and spread it across the entire brand.

So today, I’m proud to show you the rest of the Sparta Nutrition rebrand:

Sparta Nutrition Rebrand

Meet the new Sparta Nutrition. Image pulled from their website.

Note that you can see all of these products by following our link to — which is a sponsored affiliate link, one that we’re truly proud to be associated with. (On that note, use coupon code PRICEPLOW to save 10%!)

This is the new Sparta

Sparta Nutrition Logo Small

Meet the new Sparta

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be detailing and reviewing the new supplements and flavors. Despite our affiliation and friendship, you know that we will be keeping it honest (and when it comes to the keto supplements, the ketone tests speak for themselves!)

But below is a quick sneak peak of what’s to come (all links go to Sparta’s direct website as new products will get into our retailers over time):

  • Kraken Pre Workout

    Sparta Nutrition Kraken 2018

    It’s been tough to keep up with Kraken’s flavors, and we’re due to re-analyze this label, as things have changed since that original “girlie” tub Mo sent me. We may not get to all flavors, but we’ll do our best over time on our YouTube channel.

  • Kraken Black

    A stim-heavy shot of Kraken for those who want to up the intensity… this one has Beta-PEA combined with hordenine, a one-two punch that’s sure to light some fires!

    Sparta Nutrition Kraken Black

  • HydraShred Black

    Similarly for the HydraShred fat burner, this one should add a bit more ‘zip’ for those who want it.

    Sparta Hydrashred Black

  • Improved Spartan Whey

    Along with the new flavors, Sparta has told us that they’ve removed the grittiness that the original version was getting from some of the casein. We cannot wait to review this!

    Spartan Whey

  • Kraken Pump

    While everyone’s been looking at Kraken, its stimulant-free partner here has been completely revamped to include VASO-6, pine bark extract, and alpha-GPC for pumps and focus!

    Kraken Pump

  • Spartan BCAA

    Not just a BCAA, folks. As we know, complete proteins are better than incomplete proteins, so they’ve added a substantial 3g dose of essential amino acids to the 5g BCAA. Let’s see how they flavor it!

    Spartan BCAA

  • Keto MRP

    A fat-heavy, moderate protein, low-carb meal replacement with a very unique blend of fats, which even includes avocado oil! Even crazier, it comes in green matcha flavor — We’re first in line for this one!

    Keto MRP

  • Keto Coffee (coffee creamer)

    Now with three new flavors and natural sweetening. We all loved the original version and hope they keep it strong.

    Keto Coffee

  • Keto Boost

    A straight BHB Salt supplement that’s naturally sweetened.

    Keto Boost

  • Keto BCAA

    A BCAA + BHB blend that now has that blood sugar spiking glutamine removed! Not sure if this was due to my past criticism on YouTube, but I’m thrilled with the decision either way.

    Sparta Keto BCAA

There’s probably more changes we’re missing here — this rebrand is that big.

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So congratulations to Mo and Mustafa – you guys worked your asses off for this, and we’re confident it will all work well. But you know we’ll also be the first ones to tease any “girlie” flavoring systems or complain about Mike’s ketone levels dropping… because we need to stay true to our brand too.

To the future,

– Mike

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