Rich Piana’s Keto Diet Meal Plan: But is it Truly Keto?

A while back, we covered Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition’s Bodybuilding Lifestyle Meal Plan after the original announcement of Rich Piana’s Meal Plan Service. In the Bodybuilding Lifestyle post, we discussed all the meals and provided feedback on how each of them tasted.

Rich Piana Keto Meal Review

Mike’s back with another review, this time it’s Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition’s Keto Meal Plan.

Well good news: Rich & 5% have expanded their meal delivery service now to also include the carb-avoiding ketogenic crowd as well!

5% Nutrition’s Keto Meal Plan packs everything you need to ditch [most of] the carbs once and for all and truly send your body into optimal fat-burning mode. This meal plan brings the typical ultra-low carb, high protein and fat diet meal plan right to your doorstep, once per week!

Living the low-carb life couldn’t be easier!

Disclaimer: our video below is already out of date

Since making the Keto Plan review video below, three major things have occurred:

  1. You can now customize meals from all plans. This allows you to mix-and-match the best of the best – so you can get BBQ Lean Steak with Asparagus from this keto plan but still get the huge meatballs from the Bodybuilding Lifestyle plan too!
  2. Breakfast options are now available – steak and eggs included.
  3. Our arch-nemesis meal, Turkey Bolognese, is no longer listed here.

You can read more about it down below, but first take a moment to see the meal plan prices and sign up for 5% Nutrition price drop alerts from PricePlow:

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Keto Meal Plan Review

Note: Our video is also a bit out of date in that anyone can now mix and match a custom meal from ANY of the meal plans and there’s breakfast.

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Meals and Macros

In total, you get eight different meals to choose from including a wide variety of foods: it’s not just different variations on bland baked chicken and broccoli either!

Just like we saw with Bodybuilding Meal Plan, each keto meal also comes with a full macro breakdown so you know how much you’re consuming with each feeding. If you’re trying to truly stay in ketosis, you need to keep a watchful eye on your carb counts, lest you fall out of ketosis and have to start the process all over again.

Beware of the higher-carb options

That being said, these meals definitely aren’t truly “ketogenic” as you’ll see by the total carbs you’ll consume in a day if you’re using all of the meals. This is more a “low-carb plan” than a pure ketogenic plan. So pick and choose your meals wisely by looking at the labels on the 5% Nutrition site.

Here’s the various options you can get on the Keto Diet Meal Plan, with a bit of what to expect in each meal:

  • Beef Stroganoff Meatballs with Broccoli

    Rich Piana Keto Meal Stroganoff Broccoli

    Colbi even tried out some of the Keto Meals, and seemed to enjoy the beef stroganoff with broccoli.

    531 Calories, 21.6g Carbs, 16.8g Fat, 70.3g Protein

    Beef Stroganoff is staple dish in many households. Who doesn’t love the simple combination of lean beef simmered in a succulent, creamy gravy? EVERYONE does!

    Rich’s spin on the classic stroganoff is to use meatballs instead of chunks of beef and sub the carb-laden egg noodles with some lean and mean broccoli on the side. You get all the same great flavor with none of the “heavy, lethargic” feeling that comes with eating an entire plate of pasta!

  • Beef Shish Kabobs with Snap Peas

    630 Calories, 15.3g Carbs, 36.4g Fat, 60.2g Protein

    Just because you’re going the keto route, doesn’t mean you have to avoid delicious barbeque. When you think about it, grilling is one of the healthiest options for cooking. All you need is meat and veg! So, it fits perfectly within the keto meal lifestyle.

    To recreate the classic grill out, 5% Nutrition has crafted a set of beef shish kabobs with some steamed snap peas to give you a load of protein and one of your 3-5 daily servings of fruit and veg!

  • Guacamole Stuffed Chicken

    Rich Piana Keto Meal Turkey Bolognese

    Good news: The turkey bolognese with zucchini noodles was one of the few duds in the batch, but they’re no longer in the plan!!

    528 Calories, 14.4g Carbs, 27.4g Fat, 59.4g Protein

    Tex-Mex food is many a favorite cuisine around the States, and no other appetizer is more synonymous with the fusion cuisine than tableside guacamole. Rather than stuff your face with a bowlful of soggy, greasy fried chips, Rich’s keto option stuffs it inside a chicken breast essentially killing two birds with one stone — bland dry chicken and feeling deprived of the delicious things in life.

  • Beef Ragu with Zucchini and Squash

    492 Calories, 20.2g Carbs, 17.9g Fat, 62.4g Protein

    Bet you didn’t think it was possible to have Italian food while living the Keto life. Well think again! Rich’s beef ragu is served a top of bed of zucchini and squash “noodles” recreating an Italian classic that will satisfy any man’s craving for pasta.

    This one was great but didn’t microwave well out of the freezer, so you’ll need to eat this one out of the fridge.

    It’s also one of the higher-carb ones, but that’s not necessarily a horrible thing when it’s from the vegetables. Follow your macros though!

  • Chicken Breast with Vegetable Medley

    361 Calories, 9.3g Carbs, 10.9g Fat, 56.4g Protein

    There’s no getting around it, to get big (or lean out), you’re going to have to eat plenty of protein, even more so when you’re striving for ketosis. That means plenty of chicken and veg pairings. But to put a different spin on the classic “chicken and veg” bro plate, 5% adds their own mixture of seasonings to spice things up.

    It’s a must-add staple, but you probably will just want to add 1-2 of your plans and get more of the beef down below!

  • Stir Fry Chicken Breast with Peppers & Broccoli

    Rich Piana Keto Meal Stir-Fry Chicken Broccoli

    Here’s a closeup of the chicken stir-fry which was one of the winners in the batch of keto meal plans

    381 Calories, 12.4g Carbs, 7.7g Fat, 66.1g Protein

    Everyone’s made the late night run for takeout when you just get that hankering for good old-fashioned “Americanized” Chinese food. No other dish embodies the cuisine more so than the classic stir fry.

    5% Nutrition’s stir fry flips the script on the tradition bro diet staple of chicken and broccoli by adding in a mix of sweet peppers and stir frying it all together to recreate the classic calorie-laden fare.

    Grab your chopsticks people, things are going down in Chinatown!

    Honestly, the few extra carbs compared to the above chicken are probably worth it, at least for us.

  • Barbecue Lean Steak with Asparagus

    Rich Piana Keto Meal BBQ Steak Asparagus

    Closeup on the BBQ Steak with asparagus was another big time winner with our crew.

    414 Calories, 9.4g Carbs, 12.7g Fat, 63.7g Protein

    Who says you can’t have barbecue sauce while on keto? Not Rich Piana!

    The barbecue pit has been fired up again for this entree, and you get a delicious high protein, lean beef steak topped with a sweet and tangy barbecue sauce recreating a summertime staple.

    To round out the dish, you also get a heaping helping of macro friendly asparagus instead of the putrid, mayonnaise smothered potato salad that Aunt Millie always brings over!

    This one was by far our favorite – you must add it to the plan!

  • Beef Chili

    498 Calories, 24.3g Carbs, 17.8g Fat, 65.3g Protein

    A staple of the old West, chili provided sustenance for many a wandering cowboy. The dish still survives today and is one of the best big batch cooking recipes one could make. However, not everyone has the time to meal prep every week, so to help you out, 5% Nutrition has crafted their own mouth-watering rendition of the classic beef chili.

    While this one was good, especially if doctoring it up with some cheese (and even hot sauce if that’s your thing), it’s likely too high in carbs for those who are truly going after ketosis.

Update: Mix and Match your Meals!

As mentioned in the video above, you no longer need to stick 100% to the Keto Meals. There’s now a custom option where you can mix and match meals from all of the meal plans!

5150 Caution

First few weeks of Keto Diet got your workout energy down for a while? Then you must check out Rich Piana’s 5150 Pre Workout, which brings insane amounts of energy!

This means that you can choose some high-calorie meals from the Bodybuilding Lifestyle plan, but you can get some added veggies in from the Keto plan here – or partners can share with their spouses and have one big delivery each week!

Additionally, there are now breakfast options as well!\


Going Keto or low-carb isn’t easy, especially if you’re the one trying to calculate the right macros and make sure you’re not overdoing it when meal prepping during the week. True keto dieting is high fat, high protein, and virtually zero carbs.

A side effect of going no carb is lethargy and crankiness which can make you even less motivated to cook, ultimately setting you on a course to binge on calorie and carb-laden comfort foods. With Rich’s Keto Meal Delivery all you have to do is pop open the microwave, heat it for a few minutes and eat!

The best part is, you’ll fill up without feeling like your wallet got emptied along the way, as 5% Nutrition’s meal delivery service is one of the best deals you’ll come across in the food prep world!

If low-carb isn’t for you, then head back to our Rich Piana Meal Plan post or see the other plans in the price comparison widget below:

Rich Piana 5% Nutrition Meal Plan - Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Rich Piana Keto Meal Plan Review

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