Rich Piana’s Meal Plan: Killer Meal Delivery for Less!

Rich Piana Cereal

Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition are coming out with their own line of healthy, and affordable, home delivery meals.

If you’ve been following Rich Piana and his 3-month muscle-building, steroid- and food-fueled journey on Youtube, you know it’s been quite a grind so far. Between excruciating workouts, constant eating, and foul language filled soliloquies, Rich has been doing his best to capture every important moment of his life for his loyal followers.

5% Nutrition / Rich Piana Meal Plan is now out!

Update May 24, 2016: The Rich Piana Meal Plans are now here!

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Click the links above to see his prices — this service is broken down into Bodybuilding Contest Prep, Bodybuilding Lifestyle, and Keto Diet.

We hope to have some reviews for you soon, but we love how there’s finally a keto diet option!


We’re in the process of filming a YouTube for this, but so far, SO GOOD on the Bodybuilding Lifestyle one!!! Each meal has about 60-80g protein, 45-60g carbs, and 15g fat, and the flavor is on point for the meatballs and gluten-free pasta:

Rich Piana Meal Plan Review - Bodybuilding Lifestyle - Gluten-Free Pasta with Meatballs

From the Bodybuilding Lifestyle Plan – Gluten-Free Pasta with Meatballs. Mike is Italian and this passes the test!!!!

We’ll have a full review up soon, but right now, YES, this is definitely PricePlow Approved!!!!

Bodybuilding Lifestyle Meal Plan Review (Long Version)

And the verdict after the review? PricePlow Approved!

In our short review below, we discuss the plan in general, and why this is worth exploring for the right customer:

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If this sounds like it might benefit you, then keep on reading, because finally someone’s made a high-protein meal plan for athletes like us!!

Rich Piana Meal Plan Review Bodybuilding Lifestyle

Now that’s a happy fridge!

Rich Piana’s Keto Meal Plan Review

After the above review went so well, we tried the Piana Keto plan. The honest truth is that it didn’t go as well for the same price, but the updates are that you can now mix and match meals from plans anyway, so we’d encourage you to get the best keto meals alongside of the best bodybuilding ones for a best-of-both-worlds situation!

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The background story: About the 5% Nutrition Meals

Just in case you hadn’t been following along Rich’s early 2016 videos, here’s a quick synopsis of Rich’s GET HUGE quest:

  • Add 30lbs of muscle in 3 months
  • Rich discusses his specific cycle
  • Daily workouts
  • Meal by meal highlights of Rich’s eating

That last part is the big thing. Following along with Rich, you know that he eats often and eats A LOT. When starting the program, you’ll only be eating 4 main meals a day, but over the course of the 3 months, it eventually gets to 10 meals per day!!

Unless you’re retired or a millionaire, chances are you don’t have the time or patience to cook 10 separate meals for yourself each and every day of the week.

Lucky for you, 5% Nutrition (Rich’s supplement company) is already ahead of the game! Rich & Co. have an entire meal delivery service in the works.

We’ll give you the details below, but first Make sure to sign up below for all updates regarding Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition:

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5% Nutrition Meal Service

Rich Piana Jugs

Rich won’t be delivering water jugs to your house but healthy, tasty meals that cost around $6 each!

The full line is still in development, but here’s what we do know so far:

How’s this Different?

Sure there are plenty of other home-delivery meal services out there, so exactly how is this any different from the other numerous ready made meal options out there. It’s rather simple…

Most other companies charge egregious amounts of money for home-delivery meals that aren’t tasty or macro friendly. But not Rich Piana.

One of Rich’s biggest dogmas is, “Don’t be Greedy,” and that’s exactly what he and 5% Nutrition are bringing to the masses. He’s not looking to make a quick buck, but simply help out the everyday lifter who doesn’t have the time or money to afford their own private chef making tasty, healthy fare.

And as much as we love Rich’s 5% Nutrition REAL FOOD supplement (which we reviewed here), we hope that’s not one of the meals he sends!

When’s It Available?

Rich Piana Real Food

You gotta eat big to get big, and Rich’s new meal service helps solve the problem of not having time to cook.

Right now!!! And so far, we’re loving it! So get on over to the price comparison widgets above and below and do yourself a favor, grab the meal plan that suits you best.

What a fantastic product launch! Still haven’t trouble believing these are $6.00/meal.


As you know, to get big, you gotta eat big!

Rich and 5% Nutrition are taking the guesswork out of both by giving you the workouts and meals to help you get freakin’ HUGE! Now, you just have put in the work in the gym. Not everyone likes to cook or can cook that well. Rich Piana’s meal service offers a tasty and affordable means for even the most cash-strapped bro get in a healthy, flavorful meal.

Stay tuned for new updates in regards to specific meals or an exact release date. Maybe we’ll even be fortunate enough to screen some of these meals and give you a full review when they land!

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Click the links above to see his prices — this service is broken down into Bodybuilding Contest Prep, Bodybuilding Lifestyle, and Keto Diet.

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  • Ken Seitz

    what date can i order prep meals for delivery….thanks,
    ken seitz avon, ohio

    • KilnIT

      They are available now. Check his website.

  • Steve Heidenberg

    the whole ordering process is slow! I ordered only 3 different meals (7) each. In my opinion the food is rushed together. The meat could be cut into eatable size, the noodles are under cooked. 1 minute 40 seconds in microwave barely warms the food. You must defrost first, which it doesnt say. The protein content listed is very high, not sure if that is correct. The sauces are very dry. I personally cover with water, microwave for 3-4 minutes, drain the water and added 6 teaspoo
    alfredo sauce.