Rich Piana’s MAMMOTH MUG For 5%-ers Only!

Rich Piana Mammoth Mug

5% Nutrition has developed the most “5%” water-drinking device you’ve ever encountered, The Rich Piana MAMMOTH MUG.

When Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition do anything in regards to supplements, lifting, or heck, even life — they do it like no one else in the industry. We’ve seen outrageously strong supplements, monstrous protein-packed meals, and some ridiculous cycles from the man, but nobody could have prepared us for Rich & Co.’s latest innovation.

Let’s just say it may be the most “5%” water-drinking device you’ve ever encountered. The Rich Piana MAMMOTH MUG is coming, and it’s as beastly as the man himself.

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Introducing the MAMMOTH MUG

Rich Piana Mammoth Jug

Mammoth 5%-ers need a 5% Mammoth Jug for all that ALL DAY YOU MAY!

That’s right boys and girls, Rich Piana has decided to release a truly monstrous water bottle titled MAMMOTH MUG!

And don’t think this is just your typical shaker bottle type product with 5% Nutrition slapped across the front and a little picture of rich to top things off. Oh no, that’s that living the 5% lifestyle. The Mammoth Jug is a true behemoth among water bottles.

Specs on the jug include:

  • 2.5 Liters (0.7 Gallon) capacity
  • Made from unbreakable, BPA-free food-grade high quality plastic with specially reinforced bottom & top
  • Engraved ledger on the side to track water intake
  • Spider twist off shaker cap with built-in rubber seal to prevent any leakage
  • Built-in handle with a reinforced, textured surface for ease of transport
  • Dishwasher safe to make cleanup a breeze
  • Mammoth Mug Girl

    Even on the hottest days, your handy Mammoth Mug will keep you cool.

    Freezer safe, so you can cool the mug on those hot summer days (see freezer strategy below)
  • Manufactured in a facility specializing in water dispensers

These are just some of the highlights of Rich & Co.’s latest goldmine.

The Mammoth Mug Freezer Strategy (The 5% Ice Cube)

If you’re going to be out in some crazy hot weather all day, here’s what you do the night before:

  1. Fill the bottle about 20-25% full of water (or ALL DAY YOU MAY).
  2. Set the bottle on its side. Is the water covering the spout? If so, remove some. If the water level isn’t even close to the spout, then add some more.
  3. Once at the right level, freeze the bottle on its side.
  4. In the morning, set the mug upright and fill it to the top with water or ALL DAY YOU MAY.

Take care of your hydration and daily gains by mixing up a scoop of ALLDAYYOUMAY in Rich’s new Mammoth Mug.

You now have one GIANT Rich Piana-sized ice cube running vertically along the side of your 5% Mammoth Mug to keep it cold ALL DAY… ALL DAY YOU MAY!

Mix it with ALL DAY YOU MAY

Why do you need so much damn liquid?

Because when you’re a 5%-er and you’re training like a beast, you lose tons of water. And as little as 2% dehydration can lead to diminished performance[1] and cognitive decline![2]

But we’ll take it a step further – ALL DAY YOU MAY is the answer to staying anabolic all day long, loaded with amino acids that include but go beyond the BCAAs, and it also includes liver and joint support for those of you hitting it insanely hard.

Mike and CJ recently reviewed the Southern Sweet Tea Flavor and it’s literally the best idea in intra workout sports drinks we’ve ever had:

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So forget that old 5% Gallon Jug. It’s time for the MAMMOTH JUG, and it’s best done with that Southern Sweet Tea All Day You May.

Bringing it home

Rich PIana Mammoth Jug

5% Nutrition has developed the most “5%” water-drinking device you’ve ever encountered, The Rich Piana MAMMOTH MUG.

Rich Piana’s Mammoth Mug is a truly epic water drinking endeavor. No longer do you have to constantly fill up those “inadequate” shaker bottles that only hold 16-24oz of water, at most. No, with the Mammoth Jug, you have a one stop shop for daily water needs, in one high-quality, easy to pack option.

Living the 5% lifestyle means going above and beyond what the rest of the crowd does, and that’s exactly what Rich Piana has done with his latest product. Grab one when it’s released if you’re ready to have a water jug that’s fit for a true king!

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PS: …and remember! If your urine is yellow, you’re dehydrated!

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