5% Nutrition 6-Pack Bag – Eat Like Rich Piana All Day!

Rich Piana 6-Pack Bag 2

Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition have released their very own 6-pack bag to make eating healthy a breeze.

Everyone knows the hardest part of getting big, isn’t the training (although that can be tough!) — it’s the eating! To get huge, you’re going to have to eat A LOT and OFTEN. It’s no small feat putting on quality size and strength, and to truly succeed in the endeavor, you’re going to need some help along the way.

No, we’re not talking about illegal “enhancers”, we’re talking about getting help in the food department!

Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition have released their very own 6-pack bag that lets you take your healthy, high protein bodybuilding meals with you wherever you go! Now there’s never an excuse to miss the next anabolic meal!

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6-Pack Bag Close Up

5% Nutrition has virtually eliminated the excuse of not having a healthy meal available with the release of their very own 6-pack bag. Gone are the days of grabbing take out while at the office or hitting the drive thru after the gym.

Now, with a little bit of food prep over the weekend or with 5%’s Meal Delivery Service, you can have a full day of healthy, bodybuilding-approved meals at your disposal!

Rich Piana 6-Pack Bag

Rich’s 6-pack bag fits 5 Sure Seal containers to cover an entire day’s worth of healthy eating.

Here’s a little more about the bag:

  • Adjustable shelving that fits 5 “sure seal” containers
  • Easily accessible container system to organize meals, supplements, proteins, fruits and utensils
  • Two side compartments for water bottles, utensils, fruit, shaker bottles and protein holders
  • Two vertically slotted freezer packs slot to keep food cool and maximize your meal carrying space
  • Includes 5 Sure Seal containers for meal storage
  • Sure Seal containers are BPA/PVC free, microwaveable, leak proof, dishwasher safe
  • Fully insulated interior keeps meals fresh and cold for 8+ hours
  • Ergonomic shoulder and hand strap for easy traveling

No more excuses!!!

Rich Piana 6-Pack Bag 3

Rich’s 6-pack bag also comes in a pinkish-purplish flavor for the lady 5%ers out there.

With the release of their very own 6-pack bag, 5% Nutrition has virtually eliminated any and all excuses you could possibly have for not eating regularly and healthy. Rich’s meal delivery service comes in a variety of options (Bodybuilding, Contest Prep, & Keto) depending where you’re at in your training cycle.

And, to add to the fact, with the release of the the 6-pack bag , you now have a convenient option for carrying your meals around, even if your office doesn’t have a refrigerator!

Excuses eliminated, all thanks to Big Rich!

Colors Available

Want to color-coordinate your outfit with your 6-pack bag?

5% Nutrition’s 6-pack bag comes in two options: one with red lettering, and one with purple-ish/pink lettering (for the lady 5%-ers out there). There may be other styles in development, but so far it’s two to choose from


Rich & 5% Nutrition really have taken an all or nothing approach with their company. What started out as a simple supplement company has burgeoned into a one-stop shop for all your supplement and lifestyle needs.

Apparel, supplements, food, luggage, Rich & Co. have it ALL and then some! This is living the 5% lifestyle to the max!

They’ve done the hard work of planning for you, now you just need to go KILL IT!

Whatever it Takes 6 Pack Bag - Best Deals and Price Drop Notifications

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