Redcon1 Waterboard: The Diuretic That “Tortures” Water from Your Cells

Water loss supplements / diuretics are not a common feature in the supplement market these days. But when Aaron Singerman created Redcon1, he said he wanted to deviate from the popular trends in the industry, and he’s certainly done that. He was one of the few who made a Meal Replacement Powder (MRE) based off whole food ingredients yet still dairy-free. Soon after he launched a protein bar that followed suit made of salmon, egg, chicken, and beef proteins (MRE Bar).

Redcon1 Waterboard

Waterboard by Redcon1 was specifically formulated to deny your body any ability to hold water. Your vascularity and dryness will be insane! You’ll look leaner than someone who actually has been getting waterboarded!

Now Aaron is bringing a fully transparent “Waterboard” that will get rid of underlying water for events like bodybuilding contests, photo shoots, or special occasions. It’s also one of the lesser-“PC” names on the market right now, which you know gets us a bit fired up (in a good way), given the controversial status of the “advanced interrogation” methodology this supplement is named after. Not shortly after the MOAB was dropped, mind you!

What makes Waterboard different?

Waterboard is different from most normal water-loss products due to the rather aggressive herbal ingredient listing. We don’t normally see all of this in one supplement.

Horsetail Extract, Uva-Ursi, and Goldenrod are used to increase urine output as a diuretic. Just like these two ingredients, Dandelion extract (which we see more frequently in the sports nutrition world) contains diuretic properties that increase bowel movements, and helps as a digestive tonic.

Those are frequently seen these types of supplements – here’s where Redcon1 puts their stamp on things:

  • Juniper Berry Extract

    A unique feature of Waterboard is the Juniper Berry Extract. While there are no recent studies showing diuresis, its oil has long been used for it, although we’re not sure how successfully. Meanwhile, it can improve digestion and heartburn, which may help with some of the other herbal and thermogenic ingredients. Trainees with upset stomachs, intestinal gas, heartburn, gastrointestinal (GI) issues, or bloating will find relief.

  • Green Tea Extract

    Green tea extract is the most researched ingredient in the formula. On top of a minor diuretic effect, its benefits include some weight-loss, high levels of antioxidants, improving heart health, helping brain function, exercise endurance, recovery, and lowering blood sugar.

  • Grains of Paradise and Lean GBB

    Redcon1 Waterboard Label

    Redcon1 boasts a totally open label. No prop blend or hidden ingredients. This stuff is straight to the point: get the water out!

    Wrapping up Waterboard are grains of paradise and Lean GBB. Grains of paradise has been shown to increase energy expenditure which helps promote fat loss. GBB is precursor to creating L-Carnatine, which transfers fatty acids during beta-oxidation and allows us to get energy from fatty acids.

    Lean GBB may improve nitric oxide amounts in the body, and for whatever reason, it’s quite thermogenic in many individuals, which is why it’s often paired with grains of paradise and is in here. The increased sweating that many get from it makes a perfect inclusion to a “next-generation” diuretic like Waterboard. Meanwhile, the grains of paradise alone have some clinical fat burning effects at 50mg, so we expect this to beat the diuretics of yesteryear.

    On the note of nitric oxide amplification, to increase vascularity to look your best for a special event, dose Waterboard with an additional pump product.

Get ready to get waterboarded

Overall, this is a niche play from the industry’s fastest-growing brand, and we love the aggressive name. Given the recent renovations at Guantanamo Bay, we’re wondering if the waterboarding is just getting started… and if that’s the case, it would once again put Redcon1 ahead of the curve and in a prime position in the market. We come to expect no less from Aaron Singerman!

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