RedCon1 GI Juice (Massive Greens Powder Formula) is Coming Soon!

Special Forces supplement industry raiders RedCon1 have announced the name for their upcoming Greens powder:

GI Juice

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RedCon1 GI Juice

GI Juice will be a greens powder with added digestive enzymes

Don’t Underestimate the Greens

Greens Powders are typically used to sneak an extra serving of fruits and/or vegetables into the diet, and usually provide high amounts of antioxidants and additional beneficial ingredients that we don’t normally eat, such as kelp, spirulina, and wheatgrass. Users often feel more “virule” when taking them. We’re not yet sure what’s in this one.

Along with the digestive enzymes, the product may help keep gut health in more optimal balance, and we’re finding that gut bacterial levels are highly correlated to optimal brain function and the ability to lose weight. Meanwhile, eating more fruits and vegetables makes you live longer, so an extra serving or two is never a bad thing.

Big serving sizes

RedCon1 2017

RedCon1 set a blazing path through the supplement industry in 2017, here’s an interview with Aaron Singerman discussing the banner year.

This will be a 30 serving tub, good to last one month, with 15g of powder – more than several of our favorite competitors such as Garden of Life’s Perfect Food (10g), Magnum Nutraceuticals Performance Greens (8.7g), Blackstone Labs’ Juiced Up (12.5g), and even the potent BioTrust MetaboGreens that weighs in at 14g — so Aaron Singerman and the RedCon1 crew clearly aren’t messing around! No surprise, given other monster ingredient profiles like their BOOM STICK Testosterone Booster (9 caps per day!)…

We’ll eventually see how it mixes with the new RedCon1 Ration protein powder (review coming soon to our YouTube channel!), but greens powders are notoriously difficult to flavor when mixed solo, so we’re excited to see how this one goes!

That banana pineapple flavor!

RedCon1 Breach Review

Same banana pineapple flavor as they used in Breach? Banana Runts fans everywhere scream!

Note the flavor they’ll be launching first. RedCon1’s banana pineapple flavor of their Breach BCAA is one of the most unique and interesting flavors. If you like banana Runts, you’ll love the pineapple banana-flavored Breach. See Robert and CJ’s video on our YouTube channel here.

On the Name Change

One last item is that this product was originally going to be named Bug Juice, but that has been changed. Possibly because of the Turtle Wax company already having that name??

Regardless, we like GI Juice better as a name anyway – it serves a dual purpose (“GI Joe” but also GI as in “Gastrointestinal Tract” support). This will likely lead to far better sales and we consider it a blessing in disguise for the world’s fastest-growing supplement brand.

Leave comments below if you’re into the underrated category of Greens Powders – a full article will be here in the New Year!

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