Redcon1 Cereal Bars Announced, and They’re Whey-Powered

The Arnold Classic is held every year during the first weekend in March. During that time period, Redcon1 was still the new kid on the block a year or two ago. Now as we enter the last quarter of 2018, they are one of the hottest supplement brands on the market. On that weekend in Columbus, Redcon1 released their MRE Bar, which features a unique dairy-free mix of protein sources including: beef isolate, salmon, chicken, and egg protein. Not only did they start selling like hotcakes, founder Aaron Singerman and team have released seven total flavors of that prototype in a matter of eight months.

Redcon1 Cereal Bars

How will the new RedCon1 Cereal Bar compare to the original MRE Bar?

We’re starting to expect new MRE Bar flavors from them, so imagine our suprise when we saw them post about the upcoming Redcon1 Cereal Bars!

New Redcon1 Whey Cereal Bars Info

Now in October of 2018, the brand unveiled another protein bar to hit their quickly-growing product line, and it’s expected when the calendars turn to 2019. Redcon1 has decided to release a complete 180 of the MRE Bar by making a Whey Cereal Protein Bar. The product comes in a long-shaped protein bar shape, featuring real cereal pieces and a glazed coating on top to enhance the flavor.

Flavors Available

The following list will remain up to date:

    The cereal bars will clock in at 240 calories, 6g of fat, 28g of carbs, and 20g of protein. These macros are very similar to the popular Quest Bar and Oh Yeah! ONE Bar.

    Can Redcon1 succeed where Quest Nutrition Failed?

    Quest Beyond Cereal Bar

    DISCONTINUED. Can Redcon1 show the world how Cereal is done??

    And on the note of Quest Nutrition, their Quest Cereal Bars were short-lived. Even though some of us enjoyed them (especially the maple syrup waffle flavor), they just didn’t hold up as the former industry-leading company continues to “struggle” to break through with new ingredients. That maple syrup waffle flavor is now available in the original Quest Bar, so at least we have that.

    Quest’s failure doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no market for this, though. Redcon1 is a hot brand that can sell nearly anything, and Quest has been on the Walmart trajectory. Redcon1’s bigger competition when it comes to the cereal bar type texture may be BSN’s Syntha-6 Protein Crisp Bar, which are in a different market but have that same “rice cereal” feel to them.

    Anyway, for all the fat kids at heart, you can have your cereal and eat it too. While these are still a few months away you won’t want to miss anything coming from Redcon1. As always, use PricePlow to sign up for RedCon1 alerts so you’re emailed when we have new coupons or flavors out:

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