Quest Brown Rice Powder Coming for Healthy Chefs

Quest Nutrition has been one of the better suppliers in the protein-based supplement game for some time now, so we’re always interested when they expand their product line. Quest Barst, the original Quest product, exploded to such incredible degrees that they’re now used to bake high-protein treats.

Quest has taken the high-protein baking/cooking success and is running with it fast.

Recently they’ve teased a series of new powders to complement their new Quest Protein powder in cooking endeavors — Brown Rice Powder, MCT oil powder and coconut oil powder.

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Each has its own specific uses, so we’ll take a look at them one at a time, beginning today with the new Brown Rice powder.

Quest Brown Rice Powder

Coming Soon: Quest Brown Rice Powder

Why Brown Rice?

Brown rice flour is a common component of gluten-free baking, but it also serves as an alternative protein source for vegetarian and vegan diets. Aside from the protein content it’s also rich in fiber, iron, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamin B.

As of this writing there’s no label available for Quest’s new powder, but based on other brown rice flours on the market, it’s not likely to provide enough protein per serving to entirely replace other workout-focused protein supplements on its own. The focus is more as a source of clean carbs.

Fiber Content

The fiber content (and color) come from bran, and it has a more distinct and nutty flavor than standard wheat flour, making it ideal for certain recipes. For example, Quest recommends it in their own soft pretzel recipe[1], and another interesting idea for it is to bake up some waffles for low-carb and high-protein chicken and waffle bites[2]. If you’re craving pancakes, they’re also quite doable with brown rice flour as a base.

In The Tub

We’re still waiting on the label, but we do know Quest Brown Rice Powder is coming in a three-pound tub, comes bake-ready and will contain no maltodextrin. This looks like a good match with Quest’s Protein Powder to keep carb intake at a reasonable and healthy level.

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