Primeval Labs Protein Coming… with MASSIVE Cereal Chunks?!?!

What is this we have here?!?!

You know the team’s excited about something when Mike and CJ both comment on the same picture without realizing it!

Primeval Labs Protein Preview

Yeah, Mike still types stuff like “ZOMG”. But look at this stuff?! Primeval Labs Protein is coming!

You can see the offending Instapost here.

Cereal-Powered Protein Coming from Primeval Labs?

So apparently the new protein powder coming from Primeval Labs is going to take this cereal thing to a whole new level. Those look like legit pieces of Cap’n Crunch cereal!

A new trend is here…

‘Merica Labz Patriot’s Whey was first to get crazy with the large cereal (and marshmallow) chunks (Patriot’s Whey Review here)… but this is seriously a whole new level!

Captain Crunch anyone?!

And on the note of Cap’n Crunch, gotta give credit to Ghost Whey, whose “cereal milk” flavor is exactly like it. Due to the love/hate responses to this flavor, it’s one of the most “controversial” flavors discussed in our forums (PricePlow is on team love – see our Ghost Whey review on YouTube).

No word on the name or ingredients of Primeval Labs’ new protein yet, but you can sign up for alerts and news on our Primeval Labs page or use the alert widget below:

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