Olympus Labs IGNIT3: The Beyond Thermogenic Fat Burner

Olympus Labs Ignit3 New Formula

Get ready to Forge Your Fat Burning Destiny – the new Ignit3 is here!

The supplement industry as a whole never stops evolving. Many years ago fat burners basically came in two flavors: stimulants and a mishmash of stimulant free ingredients typically referred to as “Lipotropic Factors.” Nowadays consumers expect more from their fat burners, and the updated formula of Olympus Labs IGNIT3 (pronounced Ignite) delivers just that by attacking fat loss from multiple angles and thus increasing the likelihood of success.

Olympus Labs has shifted, but Ignit3 may still be around!

For those of you that have been following, the brand that asks you to #ForgeYourDestiny has been on a total tear lately. They launched the most unique protein ever in Superior Protein and an estrogen-controller in Elim1nate.

If you’re looking for an “internationally-compliant” formula that’s a bit lower in energy but still has some feel-good stimulants and hits five different fat burning pathways, and are good with getting very heated up, check out IGNIT3 and see how this formula lives up to its name.

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My Olympus Labs Ignit3 Review and Ingredient Explanation

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Now let’s get to the sources cited:

IGNIT3 Ingredients

We’ve shifted this label around just a bit so that we can preserve the old IGNIT3’s groupings, as there’s been some carryover from the original formula. The first five ingredients were known as the Brown Fat + Thyroid Modulation + Total PPAR Domination blend, and we think that’s a name worth keeping.

The following dosages come in just two capsules:

  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum Leaf Extract (Std. to Min. 2% Damulin A & B) (225mg)

    Olympus Labs Ignit3 New Formula Ingredients

    Ignit3’s new formula has five different fat-burning pathways.. and is going to bring the heat and then some!

    Also known as Southern Ginseng or Jiaogulan, Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is an herb with a long history of use in Asian medicine, particularly for treating type 2 diabetes and inflammation.

    Unlike the some of the other ingredients listed below that inhibit fat cell proliferation, this herb stimulates fat oxidation and glucose uptake by activating AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK).[1,2]

    One thing to note is that this ingredient can reduce blood glucose levels.[3] This is often a great thing, as excessive blood sugar leads to fat storage and inflammation / damage from glycation. It’s especially useful for those who are focusing on a low-carb diet and enjoy getting some ketones circulating once in a while – lower blood sugar often gets your body to switch to ketones for fuel, and in order to get those ketones generated, it needs to burn body fat via beta-oxidation.

    For everyone else, such as those on low-fat diets, it may be wise to eat some food after taking IGNIT3.

  • Olive Leaf Extract (Std. to 40% Oleuropein) (200mg)

    Olympus Labs has delivered a high potency Olive Leaf Extract standardized to 40% oleuropein. Olive leaf extracts are used in many fat burners as of late, and it’s often for the auxiliary effects and “defensive” benefits. Oleuropein has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity, offer protection against LDL cholesterol oxidation, and inhibit peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma.[4,16] The latter effect has been shown to potentially inhibit new fat cell formation.

    Olive Leaf Extract and its Benefits on Blood Glucose and Insulin

    Olive Leaf Extract and its Benefits on Blood Glucose and Insulin.

    Olive leaf extracts are also known to be potent boosters of thyroid hormone. Research demonstrates that even minimal doses of olive leaf extract have increased thyroid levels, which leads to increased energy expenditure and may help combat obesity, diabetes, and metabolic disorders,[5] although anyone with a known medical condition must consult with a doctor before using any supplement or starting on a new diet program.

  • Aframomum Melegueta (Std. to 12.5% 6-Paradol) (120mg)

    Aframomum Melegueta, more commonly known as Grains of Paradise, is a member of the ginger family, and this here is a large dose. Standardized to 12.5% 6-Paradol (which is the standard that’s been researched), IGNIT3’s grains of paradise stimulates brown adipose tissue (BAT), the second type of fat tissue found in the body. BAT is responsible for controlling diet-induced thermogenesis (thermic effect of food), and when activated, increases energy expenditure.[6]

    This energy expenditure increase should then lead to more calories burned each day, resulting in a significant, and visible, reduction in visceral fat and overall weight loss.[7] For the record, visceral fat is the type of fat that surrounds important internal organs in the abdominal cavity and is known to give people the “bulging belly.”

    Grains of Paradise

    Grains of Paradise is more than a spice. It contains a few key compounds that are shown in humans to burn fat safely and effectively!

  • Sesamol (100mg)

    Sesamol is a phenol derivative of sesame oil that activates PPAR-α and PPAR-γ, which are involved in regulation of energy balance and triglyceride levels in the body via two Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors.[8,9]

    Animal studies involving sesamol found it improved symptoms of insulin resistance, hyperinsulinemia, hyperglycemia, and dyslipidemia. Sesamol has also been shown to normalize of levels of adiponectin, nitric oxide, and arterial pressures in a dose-dependent fashion.

  • Ginger Root Extract (Zingiber Officinale) (Std. to 25% Gingerols) (40mg)

    Grains of Paradise Energy Expenditure

    Energy expenditure change (ΔEE) after oral ingestion of grains of paradise (GP) extract and placebo. ΔEE before (0 h) and after oral ingestion of 40 mg GP extract (●) or placebo (○). (a), (b) Δ EE, (c), (d) ΔEE adjusted for fat-free mass (FFM), (a), (c) brown adipose tissue (BAT)-positive group (n 12), (b), (d) BAT-negative group (n 7).

    As if grains of paradise wasn’t enough, we needed to amplify it with its elder cousin, ginger!

    The Olympus Labs “DemiGods” have used a potent extract here, delivering 25% Gingerols. Most know ginger as a pungent spice used in Asian cooking and the occasional baked treat. Aside from being loaded with flavor, it’s also packed with a collection of substances known as gingerols. Of these, 6-gingerol is the important one in terms of fat burning.

    6-gingerol can activate the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor δ (PPARδ), which can improve weight loss by increasing energy expenditure and the “browning” of white fat.[10,12,13]

    Results from the trials showed decreased glucose levels, body weight, leptin, insulin, and lipids compared to the control. In layman’s terms, supplementing with 6-gingerol is effective for treating weight gain, obesity, and the troublesome conditions associated with it.

  • Tangerine Extract [seed] (75mg)

    Tangerine Extract contains an interesting compound known as nomilin. Nomilin has been shown to be an agonist the TGR5 receptor. TGR5 is thought to be a promising drug target for metabolic diseases because the activation of TGR5 prevents obesity and hyperglycemia. In one study, despite a high-fat high-calorie diet, the mice receiving nomilin actually lost weight![13]

    Olympus Labs Ignit3 New Formula

    The IGNIT3 New Formula Benefits

    Nomilin has also been shown to have some stimulant activity as well as being able to improve immune function.[14,15] Overall effects of nomilin will be a combination of fat loss and GDA-like effects (GDA means “glucose disposal agent”).

    If you haven’t gotten the idea with IGNIT3 yet, this is going to be an excellent product for anyone looking to get heated up and keep blood sugar levels low so that the body can get on with processing its own fat for energy!

    Speaking of energy, now it’s time for the “Ultra-Clean Stimulation Blend” with caffeine and its “neuromodulator” cousins:

  • Caffeine (150mg)

    Virtually every fat burner on the market includes a sizeable dose of caffeine and Ignit3 is no different. Caffeine is great for enhancing focus, energy, and alertness.

    It’s also a great cohort included in fat burners as it can increase energy expenditure and lipolysis.[7,8] Caffeine is also great for oxidizing fatty acids.[9] Too often, other weight loss products include ridiculous amounts of caffeine thinking that simply more of the drug will lead to greater fat loss.

    The big story here is the dose – nothing too absurd!

    Olympus Labs

    Are you ready to #ForgeYourDestiny?

    This updated IGNIT3 formula includes the same total amount of caffeine per day as the original’s formula (that one had a daily dose of 5 capsules yielding 300mg caffeine). So Olympus Labs stuck with 300mg a day, but it’s now spread across two servings maximum. This is enough to take advantage of the lipolytic effects of caffeine without sending you into overdrive or setting you up for a nasty crash later on.

    A bit of stacking freedom

    Meanwhile, 300mg also allows you the freedom to still moderately dosed pre-workout without sending you daily caffeine dose into the stratosphere, but be careful and never mix stimulant-based products together. We often like to use fat burner on one end of the day, and the pre workout on the other. Or combine the fat burner with a stimulant-free pre workout supplement.

  • Theacrine (62.5mg)

    Theacrine has steadily become more popular as users look for quality yet long-lasting stimulation and manufactures look to fill this role with compounds that don’t attract the ire of federal regulators. Our previous look at this ingredient, Theacrine: Caffeine’s Long-Lasting Counterpart, can give you the nitty gritty details on this ingredient.

    No 40% math nonsense here


    The new IGNIT3 gives us the best of both worlds on this chart!!

    What sets Ignit3 apart from most products making use of theacrine is OL’s use the trademarked pure Teacrine. Due to the difficulty in flavoring theacrine, most companies opt for the 40% “tasteless” extract in powders.

    But they even use it in capsules, since it can also give users the impression they are getting a very large dose if they quickly scan labels and don’t do the math. Any product using the 40% “tasteless theacrine” needs to have its dose multiplied by 0.4 in order to accurately calculate the true amount of theacrine one is getting.

    With Ignit3 being an encapsulated product OL is able to use the pure version giving users one of the stronger doses of theacrine per day – no math tricks here.

    Same goes for the next ingredient:

  • N-Methylliberine as Dynamine (25mg)

    Just as they did with theacrine, Olympus Labs has used the pure trademarked version of n-methylliberine, Dynamine. Team PricePlow has covered this ingredient before, Dynamine: A Neuroactivating “Stimulant” by Compound Solutions, and in the right combination we really like it. From our write up regarding the combination of caffeine, Teacrine, and Dynamine:

    “This combo is simply magical. It really gives you the best of all worlds. You get immediate energy, focus, and alertness from the combo of caffeine + Dynamine. Then when you add TeaCrine into the mix, you’ve got a recipe for entering a “flow” state.

    According to early reports from alpha and beta testers (including Team PricePlow), as well as those in preliminary studies, stacking caffeine + Dynamine + TeaCrine == fantastic! It seems to provide a “full spectrum flow state” all day long!”

    The long story short is that Dynamine is the fast-acting neuromodulator, and theacrine is the slow-acting one. Together with caffeine, things get really fun, but there’s no depressing crash or tolerance build-up!

While there are more “exotic” and “aggressive” stimulant-based capsule fat burners on the market, Ignit3 shines for those who want to burn fat without being dopamine-cranked out of their minds all day long. And it’s using ingredients that can be used by everyone worldwide and can be sold at major retailers.

Olympus Labs Ignit3 New Formula

The full back label of the Olympus Labs Ignit3 New Formula

As previously mentioned, Ignit3 also allows users to add a pre-workout and still remain reasonable with the days total stimulant intake.

Again, all of the above doses are based on a single serving of two capsules, so you can spread your four capsules around appropriately.


As discussed, the serving sizes are two capsules at a time, and that can be done twice per day. Each two-capsule serving contains 150mg caffeine, but don’t forget about the Dynamine and Theacrine packing extra punch.

With an overall yield of 300mg caffeine per day, this leaves you a bit of room to add a light pre workout, “energy amino”, or even a small cup of coffee elsewhere in your day, but that’s only recommended for advanced users. Reason being, our general safety threshold for caffeine is typically around 400mg per day.

Ignit3 Your Fat Loss

The fat burner category is filled with more junk than truly effective formulas, but leave it to Olympus Labs to set the word straight. IGNIT3 is a shining exception to all that other junk we don’t even bother talking about or reviewing on our YouTube channel.

If you need “exotic stimulants”, you may want to check the old formula of IGNIT3 in the price widget below before it’s gone (it would be listed under 150 capsules), but honestly, this formula makes more sense. It’s a fat burner, not a stimulant-bomb, and Theacrine and Dynamine pick up the slack enough to make a perfect middle-ground that everyone can love. If you’re an extremist who just needs a stim-bomb to wake up, then look for the Olympus Labs Black Magic series of powders instead.

With five targeted lipolytic pathways, this is for serious dieters who don’t need serious caffeine… or still want to have a small cup of coffee or tea in their day. But don’t think the formula’s weak by any standards, there is a lot going on here, and whenever we see both ginger and grains of paradise together, we’re excited for some serious heat.

So here we are with yet another hit — Olympus Labs makes nothing but awesome formulas that are as fun for us to research as they are to take.

Now get ready to get Ignit3d!

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

About the Author: Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto

Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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