Nutrex Lipo-6 Keto Brings a Cognitive Boost for Low-Carbers!

Name recognition is worth quite a lot in the supplement industry, and as such, it’s a thing that’s relatively difficult to obtain. It takes years of putting out quality, effective products, each of which fulfill the needs and desires of consumers.

Nutrex Lipo-6 Keto

Nutrex joins the keto diet movement with the nootropic blasted Lipo-6 Keto energy and focus drink!

One name you’ve likely come to recognize is Nutrex Research. The brand has been dominating the industry since its inception, consistently formulating leading supplements praised by many. Their reputation as an industry leader is well-earned and has been garnered mainly through the quality of their products, as well as the brand’s forward-thinking mindset towards their product line!

Introducing Lipo-6 Keto

Nutrex Lipo-6 Keto is exactly what is sounds like – a new member of the influential Lipo-6 family, but geared more towards low-carb dieters, especially those who are looking for some extra energy from ketone bodies. Lipo-6 is one of the top names in the fat-burning market, so any formula bearing its name comes with high expectations. Throw in the growing popularity of low-carb diets, and the bar is raised even higher. Lipo-6 Keto sets a high bar for itself, and based on its formula, it absolutely clears it!

Read on for more on Lipo-6 Keto, where we’ll break down all of the fun, fat-burning, even nootropic ingredients it uses to amplify fat-burning for low-carb dieters. Before we dive into it, however, make sure you subscribe to PricePlow for all the up-to-date deals, news, reviews, and interviews you could possibly want!

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Lipo-6 Keto – advanced ketogenic diet optimizer

Lipo-6 Keto

Optimize your weight loss results!

Going low-carb for the first time, especially with the aim of maintaining ketosis, can be quite daunting. Eating less carbohydrates (often the body’s primary energy source in this society), essentially forces the body to manufacture an alternative fuel source. On top of burning fat more efficiently, it also creates ketone bodies in the liver, which provide the uptick in energy levels[1] — once adapted!

However, but simply eating less carbohydrates is easier said than done for a lot of people. On top of that, once one enters ketosis, maintaining ketosis becomes incredibly important. Luckily, there are products out there than can help during the transition and when you want some extra energy hanging around for a workout. Further, many get enhanced cognition from them!

Lipo-6 Keto does just that – through its mix of ingredients, it packs the things perfect for keto dieters looking to enhance the effects of their ketogenic state. While it differs significantly from other Lipo-6 variations, its expertly geared towards low-carbers, with each ingredient serving an incredibly specific purpose.

Lipo-6 Keto Ingredients

As usual, Nutrex doesn’t cut any corners with this formula. It knows exactly what Lipo-6 Keto needs, and makes sure those ingredients are not only just present, but are properly dosed, as well! Let’s get into all the good stuff going on here.

In each scoop, of which you get 30 in each container, here’s what you’re getting:

  • goBHBⓇ (sodium beta-hydroxybutyrate, calcium beta-hydroxybutyrate, magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate) – 5g

    Nutrex Lipo-6 Ingredients

    Look at that focus blend on top of the BHB salts! But note that this doesn’t have the Lipo-6 fat burning blend in it either.

    Ketones are the go-to fuel source of the body when in ketosis, used to power you through the day, regardless of what you’re doing – you could be exercising, working, or building your resume for this year’s “Parent of the Year” award, but if you’re carb-depleted, ketones are giving you the energy to complete those tasks.

    So, if the body’s running on ketones, doesn’t it make sense to give it extra ketones, rather than forcing it to generate them on its own? As it turns out, in certain situations, it does!

    First on this label is goBHBⓇ from Compound Solutions, a ground-breaking energy supplement built specifically for low-carb diets! This ingredient is, itself, a ketone – it’s a beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which is perhaps the most powerful ketone the body produces while in ketosis.[2] Given the prominence endogenous ketones (those produced by the body) have, we’d assume that exogenous ketones, such as ones ingested in supplements like goBHBⓇ, would carry equal benefits. As it turns out, the science behind these ingested ketones seem to support that hypothesis!

    Suppresses appetite

    Compound Solutions goBHB

    goBHB is a patented form of “super” BHB that Compound Solutions has bound to various mineral salts to improve bioavailability and decrease its acidity.

    Perhaps the most scientifically-supported benefit of external ketones relate to its ability to reduce hunger. In research from 2018, 15 healthy subjects were split into two groups following an overnight fast – half were administered a ketone ester (liquid ketones) drink, while the other group was given a dextrose-containing drink. After 60 minutes, the ketone group had increased their serum BHB levels from 0.2 to 3.3mM, a massive increase given the timeframe.[3] In addition, this group also felt less hungry, which the researchers found quite intriguing. Conducting further testing, they identified why – the exogenous ketones lowered ghrelin levels, and even slowed the rate of its growth![3] Ghrelin is the hormone associated with hunger – the more ghrelin circulating in the body, the hungrier you feel. Attenuating this hormone is key to suppressing appetite, making exogenous ketones quite useful in a low-carb journey towards weight loss!

    Improve brain power

    One of the most appealing benefits of the ketogenic diet is the mental clarity typically associated with it – keto dieters cite feeling more focused and more attentive while running on ketones. This brain-boosting effect has been shown in endogenous ketones, but how about exogenous?

    A review from 2011 sheds some light on the topic of ingesting ketones to achieve the cognitive effect of ketones. Understanding that ketones can provide up to 70% of the energy the brain requires, as well as citing the neuroprotective effect and efficient absorption of these ketones, they concluded that ingesting BHBs can effectively support cognitive function![4] No need to worry about feeling drained while in ketosis – the brain loves ketones, and ingesting more of the bodies can further enhance your mental state!

    Elevates fat-burning?

    BHB Improves Muscle Health

    For our regular athletic readers, chart D is the area of greatest interest. BHB seems to improve muscle tissue health in nearly every parameter. Read more in our interview with Dr. Benjamin Bikman about his study.

    Ketones possess powerful fat-burning properties, however, the research behind exogenous ketones are mixed. While ketones are excellent for fat-burning, and ingesting ketones, such as BHB, elevate blood ketone levels,[5] taking BHB supplements gets complicated.

    It’s important to note that exogenous ketones contain calories – simply loading up your diet with ketone supplements adds a bit of caloric intake, which can be problematic for losing weight. In addition, research has shown that ingesting ketones lowers the amount your body makes.[6] Because ketones are often made from body fat, this may inhibit the body from burning body fat for fuel.

    Go for elevated performance!

    However, if these get you to workout that much harder, we sometimes see a “slingshot effect” where you actually burn more calories because of a more intense workout thanks to a slight extra boost from the ketone supplements. Point being — use it for focus and performance enhancement and let your body take over from there!

    While research may not directly support exogenous ketones for fat-burning, there is a lot of encouraging evidence. Blunting appetite and feeling more mentally sharp can be useful in losing weight, however, you need to be sure you’re not overloading on ketones – too much of a good thing is never a good thing!

    goBHBⓇ – high-quality BHBs

    Compound Solutions

    Compound Solutions keeps bringing the hits!

    Nutrex typically takes their formulas to the max, using only the top forms of ingredients available on the market. goBHBⓇ is one of the best-formulated BHB supplements on the market, sold by Compound Solutions. This patented blend makes use of salts like sodium, calcium, and magnesium, each of which are bonded to BHB. This not only makes for an efficient ketone delivery system, but also delivers quite the electrolyte boost due to the presence of salts. This has obvious benefits, all of which are well-noted with proper electrolyte balance – reduced cramping, better hydration, and improved endurance.

    Lipo-6 Keto isn’t trying to overload your system with ketones, however – with a 5g dose of goBHBⓇ, Nutrex is providing a dose meant to help optimize ketone levels, which would only enhance your ketogenic efforts!

  • L-Tyrosine – 1.5g

    Talk to anyone who’s thriving on the ketogenic diet, and they’ll like mention how more focused and awake they feel. They’ll rave about how mentally clear they are, being able to process information and think at a level they simply weren’t able to before making the dietary change. These benefits are backed by research, with the ketogenic diet showing to be capable of helping improve cognitive function.[7] Therefore, it only makes sense to formulate a keto-focused supplement and double down on these brain-boosting effect using nootropics!


    Long story short from our analysis — For the best effects from tyrosine, choose the regular L-Tyrosine version!

    Tyrosine is a non-essential amino acid derived from the amino acid phenylalanine, and is used by the body to facilitate various bodily processes. Although it is an amino acid, it actually operates quite differently than you’d expect – while other aminos are (rightfully) associated with muscle protection and growth, tyrosine actually has nootropic powers!

    Catecholamine producer

    The catecholamines are a group of hormones that are produced and secreted by the adrenal glands.[8] They function primarily as neurotransmitters, and are often released as responses to stressful situations. You’ve probably heard of them – dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline are among the most frequently-discussed neurotransmitters. They help trigger the “fight or flight” response when we’re stressed, heightening attentiveness and awareness, as well as our mood.

    Tyrosine may be useful in making more of these neurotransmitters. Research from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that tyrosine encourages catecholamine synthesis, which thus alters brain functions linked to these hormones.[9] The tangible results of this effect have been displayed, as well – individuals given tyrosine before taking a complicated test showed improved cognitive performance than a comparison placebo group.[10] Being more focused, more in the zone can be hugely beneficial in our everyday life, which makes this catecholamine-promoting amino quite intriguing.

    Mood booster

    Tyrosine Plasma Elevations

    Tyrosine has a powerful effect on your neurotransmitters!

    Because tyrosine helps the body release more dopamine, it also plays a role in improving your mood! Dopamine, the “feel-good” neurotransmitter, is closely tied to maintaining a healthy state of mind – research has found that individuals suffering from depression tend to have low levels of this neurotransmitter.[11] Keeping dopamine levels up is key to staying awake, happy, and fresh!

    Research shows that the catecholamine release triggered by tyrosine helps improve mood, doing so to a higher degree than common antidepressants.[11] This can create a bit of a euphoric feeling, which vastly improves your overall mood.

    We typically see tyrosine used in non-stimulant pre-workouts or focus formulas. However, including it in a diet-based supplement such as Lipo-6 Keto is incredibly smart. When dieting, brain fog can sometimes set in, or your overall demeanor can take the occasional hit. By including an incredible 1.5g dose of tyrosine here, Nutrex is looking to fight off those two possibilities, keeping your mind (and your keto diet) firing on all cylinders!

  • Choline (as choline bitartrate) (VitacholineⓇ) – 750mg

    Following in those nootropic footsteps, Lipo-6 Keto utilizes another powerful brain-booster – choline. This nutrient is commonly found in various foods, such as eggs, salmon, and cruciferous vegetables. So, even though we already consume it through our diet, adding some additional choline can be very beneficial for maintaining healthy cognition!


    Improved acetylcholine utilization provides for an ‘anti-blurring’ effect so that new and old memories do not get confused

    Once ingested, the body converts choline into acetylcholine, which is used by the brain to perform numerous functions. Therefore, it makes sense that choline helps boost brain power – research from 2013 found a positive correlation between choline levels and mental performance, suggesting that raising choline levels can increase cognitive functioning.[12] Because of the key operations facilitated by acetylcholine, such as memory regulation and muscular control, this should come as no surprise!

    VitacholineⓇ is a form of choline bitartrate, so you’re not getting a true 750mg of choline here. Choline bitartrate is about 40% of choline by weight, so this dose delivers around 300mg of actual choline. That’s still a pretty decent dose, especially considering that it’s not forced to carry all the nootropic weight in this formula!

  • Caffeine [from Coffea (bean) Extract] – 150mg

    Ah yes…what kind of fat-burning supplement would we be discussing if we didn’t come across caffeine?! This extremely popular stimulant is touted for a variety of benefits, most of which are linked to its nootropic abilities. However, it also brings a bit more to the table, specifically in regards to weight loss.

    Caffeine as a mental stimulant

    Nutrex Lipo-6 Natural

    Need even more caffeine on the opposite end of the day? Lipo-6 is an award-winning fat burner, and now it comes in a Natural and Plant-Based version (Lipo-6 Natural)!

    When you think of caffeine, you almost immediately begin tying it to the effects it has on your mind. Sure enough, studies show that caffeine is highly useful in boosting alertness,[13] improving reaction time,[13] and increasing catecholamine production.[14] These effects are well-known, and are likely the reason you habitually reach for a cup of coffee in the morning, or a scoop of a caffeinated pre-workout before training. When it comes to elevating your awareness, there’s little else as effective as caffeine. However, you’d be remiss if you thought there wasn’t more this powerful stimulant could do!

    It can help burn fat, too!

    Caffeine doesn’t just send a jolt to the brain – it shocks body fat stores, as well! Research from 2006 showed that caffeine supplementation increased fatty acid oxidation by almost 50%,[14] when compared to placebo. Freeing up fatty acids makes them more expendable, an attribute that further studies support. Scientists have found that caffeine can increase metabolic rate, meaning the metabolism revs up when fed this additional fuel. A higher metabolism means more caloric expenditure, which can help you reach your weight-loss goal faster!

    The dose of caffeine here sits at a wonderful 150mg. While that dose is a bit on the “lighter” side when compared to other stimulant-based formulas available these days, it’s still more than enough to deliver a jolt in energy and a fat-burning boost. When dieting, keeping energy levels high and metabolism moving is essential to being successful – that makes caffeine a worthy aid in most weight-loss quests!

Our one gripe – no potassium?!

With so much salt coming from this ingredient, we typically like to see some potassium to help balance things out. We already tend to get more than enough sodium in our diets, while usually coming up short on potassium intake. Consuming more salt further pushes this ratio out of whack, which is not ideal to keeping healthy.

So, be cognizant of your sodium intake, especially if you’re adding Lipo-6 Keto into your diet. Make sure you’re getting enough potassium, too – we’ll give you a great way to do that below when we talk about stacks, as Nutrex has another product that comes into play here!

Stacking – use Alpha Pump for a keto-friendly pre-workout stack!

Nutrex Alpha Pump

Nutrex has announced Alpha Pump, a new lower-cost, stackable stimulant-free pre workout supplement!

While Lipo-6 Keto is designed to be, first and foremost, a dieting aid, there’s also opportunities to use it for other purposes! Sure, the ingredients here help amplify the effects of the keto diet, most of which are tied to staying lean. However, exercise is also crucial to keeping off extra pounds, which just happens to be another area where Lipo-6 Keto can be useful!

Alpha Pump is a new non-stimulant pre-workout label from Nutrex, and it’s loaded. It uses 5 incredibly innovative ingredients, such as PeakO2Ⓡ and GlycerSizeTM, to provide a unique, highly-stackable formula. In fact, its that last attribute that Nutrex seemed to be most proud of – this product could be combined with stimulant-based products, nootropics, and yes, even keto supplements!

Creating a stack of Alpha Pump and Lipo-6 Keto gets really interesting, really quickly! Before a workout, you can elevate the metabolism, your focus, and your alertness, while also inducing some vasodilating, endurance-focused gains!

That’s not it. Remember when we mentioned our slight disappointment of the lack of potassium in Lipo-6 Keto? Well, Alpha Pump supplies a greater dose of potassium than sodium, which is highly beneficial to balance out the sodium BHB salts in Lipo-6 Keto. This stack works in more ways than one, and we think you’ll be very happy if you give it a shot!

Flavors available:

    Nutrex Continues its 2019 Fire

    The brand’s avant-garde approach to their products has been on full display in 2019. Through new products, such as Alpha Pump discussed above, or new flavors, such as Sour Gummy Bear Outlift (their best flavor yet?!), or the industry-annihilating Nutrex Plant Protein. No doubt, this brand has kept us on our toes throughout much of 2019.

    Conclusion – Lipo-6 Keto doubles-down on low-carb benefits

    With numerous diet trends circulating in society these days, it can be rather difficult to identify one that not only generally works, but that works for you. We’re all wired differently, and have been dealt different hands from the deck of genetic playing cards.

    Lipo-6 Keto BHB

    Nutrex keeps em coming. And check out those flavors!

    The ketogenic diet, however, seems to be one of the better options out there – especially those who are hyperinsulinemic. Its benefits are real, it has science-supported evidence, and seems generally simple to follow for a large proportion of people once they figure it out and crush the carb addiction by leveraging protein, fat, and minerals (the latter provided in this supplement).

    It was only a matter of time until a diet-centric brand jumped into the keto world. Based on the nootropic energy formula in Lipo-6 Keto, we’re glad they did!

    Lipo-6 Keto does the Lipo-6 family proud, delivering the level of effectiveness typically tied to the line. Knowing that the keto diet is hailed for its fat-burning, brain-boosting capabilities, this product intensifies some of those benefits via high-quality ingredients at exceptional doses. Through a combination of BHB salts, nootropics, and caffeine, Lipo-6 Keto proves to be a great-feeling product for those looking to get the most out of their keto diet!

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    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.


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