Myprotein Protein Cookie: A Softer, Whey-Based Contender

While you may think that the protein cookie market is Complete-ly dominated by one or two products, there are tons of companies seeking to usurp the cookie-throne – and given our disappointment with those “other” brands, it honestly shouldn’t be too hard. Seeing blood in the water, Myprotein has decided to strike back at the Protein Cookie market – and one of their two flavors comes through in a major way.

Protein Cookies? Or just “smashed down protein bars” and glorified wheat snacks?

Myprotein Protein Cookie

Myprotein returns with the next generation of their Protein Cookie, and the only question is if you get this or the Triple Stack Bar!! (The answer is both)

The cookie wars have not been a clean battle. Early products featured “fake fiber” and often tasted like someone had merely solidified a scoop of bottom-shelf whey protein. Shelf life was always horrible. There were accusations of fraud. As the years went on, many companies pulled their now-bricked products from shelves and few companies remained. From the start of the war, Myprotein had their hat in the ring. And now they’re back with something even better.

We’re talking about the new Myprotein Cookie, released in the late fall of 2019 (pictured right here on this post), so realize this is not the older one that came in a blue and white pouch.

Myprotein Protein Cookie: A softer way to leverage protein in a snack

The new Myprotein Protein Cookie release opened up to a great reception in the US amongst both consumers and the PricePlow staff. The chocolate chip cookie variation crushed the competition, and Myprotein must have spent a great deal of time in the kitchen for this one. The original “blue and white bag” Myprotein Cookie is no more — replaced with a new recipe, new macronutrient count, softer texture, and incredible chocolate chip taste.

But does it beat that Chocolate Brownie Myprotein Protein Bar?!

The one caveat is that there might be a better product out there — Myprotein’s own Triple Stack Protein Bar (the one in chocolate brownie flavor)! But alas, many of us are looking for that soft cookie replacement, love the higher carb count, and this is where you’ll get it.

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The New Myprotein Cookie Nutrition

Myprotein Protein Cookie Ingredients

Unlike other protein cookies that are wheat based, these are brown rice flour based… and definitely not vegan with the higher-powered whey concentrate inside!

  • Calories: 290kcal
  • Fat: 8g
  • Carbohydrate: 36g
    • Fiber: 4g
    • Sugars: 7g
  • Protein: 18g

Let’s address the obvious — it is very clear that Myprotein studied their competition. The macronutrient composition of the new recipe closely resembles that of Lenny and Larry’s single cookie offering, or ½ of the original Complete Cookie. Meanwhile, Myprotein has improved upon their previous formula in many ways.

Likely More Tolerable Flour, But No Vegan Pleasing

Whey Protein Isolate vs. Plant Proteins

It doesn’t really matter how you blend those plant proteins… whey-based shakes still win.[5]

Myprotein’s Protein Cookie utilizes brown rice flour while many cookies in the industry use wheat flour. Wheat is a common trigger of food intolerance symptomatology while rice flour tends to be better tolerated.[1] This is a great market move, as many consumers experience gastric distress from the more typical protein product formula.

However, Myprotein’s Protein Cookie is not vegan friendly as it uses whey as its primary source of protein. It is also primarily a whey concentrate product based on ingredient order, so those that deal with lactose intolerance may want to look elsewhere. However, do note that Myprotein offers a vegan protein cookie in the UK. Therefore, those that stray away from animal products for moral reasons may find solace if Myprotein decides to enter the US cookie market with guns blazing.

We’re all for the superiority of animal-based proteins over plant proteins,[2-6] so going with whey is definitely better in our book.

We also applaud Myprotein for staying away from “fake fiber” and using a decent source like peanut flour. It’s tough to avoid in this category but we do have to caution that a dash of soy is used as a binder. However, soy is represented near the bottom half of the label and likely won’t cause any issues — unless you wind up eating boxes of these cookies per day. Which you might, given the flavors:

Myprotein Protein Cookie Review

Myprotein Protein Cookie Close-ups from Mike’s review above

Flavors Available

Myprotein’s Protein Cookie launched in two variations of chocolate: chocolate chip and chocolate peanut butter, and you can see Mike’s review above. However, we’ll keep an up-to-date list of all flavors released over time on the page below:

    The original two are safe flavor options, so we can’t really complain, but given how good and soft the chocolate chip one was, we definitely hope that more flavors are in the works, because Myprotein seems to have a nice little recipe here!

    But does it beat the Myprotein Triple Stack Bar?

    Myprotein Protein Bars and Cookies

    What a great series of launches! Pick yours!

    With all this said, there’s still a monstrous elephant in the room: Myprotein’s very own Chocolate Brownie Triple Stack Protein Bar!! Sporting what we consider to be better macros and a better flavor, that may actually be the one to go with if you’re an insane chocolate lover! Ultimately, from the four flavors reviewed across these two launches, the rankings went like this:

    1. Myprotein Triple Stack Protein Bar – Chocolate Brownie
    2. Myprotein Protein Cookie – Chocolate Chip
    3. Myprotein Triple Stack Protein Bar – Peanut Butter
    4. Myprotein Protein Cookie – Chocolate Peanut Butter

    Now that’s Mike’s opinion above, and all are great, but the top two on this list are just on another level!


    Myprotein Protein Cookie Chocolate Peanut Butter

    The Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Cookie pulled up the rear compared to the other insane flavors, but is still great for peanut butter lovers!

    Myprotein’s crushed it with the Triple Stack Protein Bar, and stunned us with the softness of their latest and greatest Protein Cookie. This new recipe is a hot contender for best protein cookie on the market, and we want to see more flavors too!

    This cookie offers similar nutritional density to its competition while providing an option for those that avoid wheat products and are pro-whey (ie smart and lucky enough to be non-dairy-sensitive). Triple Stack Chocolate Brownie still wins, but hey, this is a cookie, so at some point you gotta check out PricePlow’s coupon and give it a go yourself!

    We can’t wait to see what Myprotein has coming in 2020. To find out, subscribe to our Myprotein news alerts below!

    Myprotein Protein Cookie – Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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    No spam, no scams.

    Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

    Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

    About the Author: Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto

    Mike Roberto is a research scientist and water sports athlete who founded PricePlow. He is an n=1 diet experimenter with extensive experience in supplementation and dietary modification, whose personal expertise stems from several experiments done on himself while sharing lab tests.

    Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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