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Muscle-Building Nutrition is a new supplement company that is bringing only fully clinically dosed ingredients to its products.

If you regularly visit the PricePlow blog, you know we’re a bit of a consumer watchdog for the supplement industry. In addition to discussing the latest news, products and ingredients the industry has to offer, we also keep our eye out on new companies that pop onto the scene and do our best to make you aware of them, so you know who some of the best and brightest up and comers are.

On today’s blog, we feature one of those new rising stars in Muscle-Building Nutrition. They recently burst onto the scene with a dynamite pre workout and we’re here to give you all the info on this new company.

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Who is Muscle-Building Nutrition?

Spend anytime in this industry, and you’ll certainly come across your fair share of crappy products made by companies that really only care about turning a quick profit. Muscle-Building Nutrition was started to fight the very trend in the industry. They saw how other companies underdosed products and they finally said “ENOUGH!”

They were tired of other companies shortchanging customers by not including full clinical doses of ingredients in their products and really only offering “incomplete” products:

In their own words

”At Muscle-Building Nutrition we set out to develop the most complete highly dosed products on the market like our pre workout Dominate which contains everything you need pre workout in true scientifically validated doses. Our long term goals are to continue to develop the most effective, complete, and clinically dosed products for our customers and continue being a reliable trustworthy brand customers can turn to for safe, high quality, effective supplements.”

Quality Guaranteed

Muscle-Building Nutrition supplements use clinical doses of ingredients that have been proven in scientific studies to enhance athletic performance. All of their supplements are manufactured in an NSF GMP certified facility, so you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality ingredients in all the right doses.

MBN supplements contain no prop blends and are transparently labeled so you know exactly what and how much of each ingredient you are getting in each serving. The ingredients in their products are tested for purity, quality, and safety before being approved for use

”When you buy a Muscle-Building Nutrition supplement you can be sure that you are getting a supplement that actually works.”

Who is Muscle-Building Nutrition for?

Muscle-Building Nutrition is marketed towards anybody that is looking to improve their fitness and performance — Whether it’s an average joe that is just starting out, gym rats, bodybuilders, or athletes.

If you’re looking for legitimately dosed products, MBN is for you!

MBN’s Top Product

  • Dominate

    Muscle-Building Nutrition Dominate

    Dominate is the fully loaded pre workout from Muscle-Building Nutrition that contains only scientifically proven ingredients in clinically effective studies.

    Dominate is Muscle-Building Nutrition’s powerhouse pre workout that contains scientifically validated effective dosages of powerful nutrients that improve performance. MBN included only the highest quality ingredients when formulating Dominate as they use Creapure® Creatine Monohydrate and CarnoSyn® Beta Alanine.

    Additionally, you’ll also get full clinical doses of betaine and citrulline malate along with a whopping 6g of 2:1:1 BCAAs to keep you in full muscle-building mode during the workout. Finally, Dominate includes an extremely appropriate amount of energy with 200mg of caffeine anhydrous plus 100mg of TeaCrine® for long-lasting energy that you will certainly feel!

    We’ve found that this 100mg dose of TeaCrine is really when it starts to feel amazing – so if you want a pre workout that provides something “extra”, this is a great place to start.

    One scoop of this powerful pre workout and you’ll certainly be ready to Dominate your workouts with explosive energy, unbridled strength and endless focus.


Where to Find Muscle-Building Nutrition Products

You know that PricePlow is always the best place to find the absolute lowest price on all of your favorite supplements from around the net; however, Muscle-Building Nutrition’s products haven’t quite reached any of our stores yet, so until they do start landing in places like Amazon, you’ll be able to get them directly from

Muscle-Building Nutrition Dominate Banner

One scoop of Dominate, and you’ll be ready to crush every aspect of your workout.

Where to Follow Muscle Building Nutrition


New companies are a dime a dozen in the supplement industry, as it seems there’s a never ending stream of newcomers looking to enter the fray. However, we only introduce you to the ones we feel have something truly unique and beneficial to offer to you, our loyal readers.

Muscle-Building Nutrition is one of the newest companies that’s priming for big things. They may only have one product currently, but it’s incredibly well formulated, and if this serves as a jumping off point for the rest of the products to come, we’ll be covering this brand a lot further as new products get released.

Stay tuned to PricePlow and sign up for Muscle-Building Nutrition alerts below, because they have some more products in development!

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