MTS EPIC GAINS – Marc Lobliner’s New Weight Gainer

The Machine continues to rise!

After an insanely strong 2014 showing for all things MTS, Marc “The Machine” Lobliner has finally decided to create a weight gainer worthy of the Machine name.

MTS Epic Gains

“Gone are the days of micronutrient-lacking FAT GAINERS”

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The Epic Gains Ingredients

The label is below, and we’ll have a full analysis soon.

Gone are the days of micronutrient-lacking FAT GAINERS — Marc Lobliner

  • Brown Rice based carbohydrate
  • Premium Quality Protein
  • Multiple servings of vegetables
  • Taste rumored to be epic
MTS Epic Gains Ingredients

The Epic Gains ingredient label / nutrition facts

Lobliner has long been a fan of real whole food, so we expect this to be far better than the other crap that’s out there in the weight gainer department.

Gone are the days of micronutrient-lacking “FAT GAINERS”, he writes on Facebook.[1]

As the man who created MTS Whey, Lobliner is rightfully a big fan of whey protein, so we expect that as the primary protein source, but time will tell.

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Did you also know…

Eating fruits and vegetables causes you to live longer – it’s now nearly indisputable.

We discuss this a new major article we have coming – it shows that eating fruits and vegetables causes humans to live longer, and is based upon the biggest and most well-performed diet meta analysis ever done.

So you could almost say that Lobliner is saving lives with this product!

The full post from Marc

You asked for it, and we couldn’t just leave mediocre alone. Gone are the days of micronutrient-lacking, FAT GAINERS! MTS Nutrition Epic Gains is your answer to lean mass gains with brown rice and veggies built in and a flavor that will make Starbucks fearful of losing marketshare. Share this with your friends so they are ready when it arrives in about two weeks, the first run will go quick! ‪#‎MachineMilitia‬ ‪#‎machinetakeover‬ ‪#‎MTSnutrition‬ ‪#‎morethanjustanumber‬ ‪#‎tigerfitness‬ ‪#‎epicgains‬ ‪#‎vaginalenthusiast‬

LOL – always a fun and dirty time with THE MACHINE!!!

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Note: We originally thought this product was going to be called MACHINE MASS. That was incorrect – it will of course be called EPIC GAINS, but the name makes sense.

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