MPA Supps Pie Fuel & IsoSolve Combine Pie and Crust in an MRP!

MPA Pie Fuel & Iso Solve

MPA Supps – Helping everyone solve the equation for pie!

Matt Porter, who’s best known as an elite contest prep coach, has been busy expanding his MPA Supps supplement line. In early September of 2018, an image leaked for a low-carb, low-fat, protein-powered cereal named Iso Poofs,” but now Matt and the team have two other products coming through the pipeline. MPA (short for “Matt Porter Approved”) has four separate categories for the supplement line – a vaso series geared toward fat-loss products, peri-series for pre- and intra-workout products, a health series, and a lifestyle series for everyone.

After ISO-Poofs Comes Pie Fuel

The first new MPA product is called Pie Fuel. With such a unique name, this carbohydrate blend brings a twist to the carbohydrate powders that are already on the market. The complex carbohydrate powder is not a typical fast-acting maltodextrin, dextrose, or even a cyclic dextrin spin-off. Instead, Matt wanted something that could be used while strict dieting to satisfy your hunger and provide adequate micronutrients. Pie Fuel is comprised of sweet potato and barley with the third ingredient dictated by the flavor. For example, in the Apple Pie flavor dried apple powder is the third ingredient.

Now that you have your pie, what comes next?

Meet IsoSolve: The Crust flavor for your pie!

MPA Iso Solve

Like warm apple pie….

The second product MPA is releasing is a 100% cold filtered whey isolate called “IsoSolve“. IsoSolve contains zero (or extremely low) lactose / sugar with only 0.5g of fat per serving. It came out in a unique graham cracker pie crust flavor, and MPA is marketing Iso Solve and Pie Fuel as a combination meal replacement beverage for those who want a healthier on-the-go option. The pie and the crust!

Matt Porter has been on a roll with three new products in such a short timeframe. Get your MPA PricePlow alerts turned on so you do not miss the best up to date deals and future releases.

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