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GYM CANDY from USPLabs? Not sure if serious…


What on earth is USP planning to do with this name?

Our Google Alerts have been buzzing like crazy lately, but one of them stood out above the rest:

The possibility of Gym Candy by USPLabs!

We have absolutely no clue if this is true, or if it’s a total rumor (or shelved project), but it would make sense, as BPI Sports recently released FunnBar, their own type of candy (one with higher protein), and the companies have definitely been known to compete in the past.

What could Gym Candy be?

If this is indeed a product that will see the light of day, we imagine a few different ideas:

  • A “protein candy”?

    Similar and competitive to FunnBar. We actually hope it’d be this.

  • An anabolic supplement?

    “Gym candy” is a phrase for anabolic steroids. Is USP going to try to legitimatize this name, yet put their own anabolic-minded spin on it?

    Or have they just grabbed the name “just in case?”

  • A pre workout candy/chew?

    These have been done before, but never really seem to take off. We attribute that to cost, but that could just be the PricePlow in us talking.

    One current example is ON’s Amino Energy Chews (AmiNO Energy, by the way, is competitive with USPLabs’ AminoLIFT).

  • An amino acid / creatine candy/chew?

    This has been done several times in the past, and a few are currently still on the market. Some notable examples are Labrada’s HICA-MAX, Betancourt BCAA Chewies, and probably a few others such as those in our creatine chews category.

    Since USP has just announced their Betaine + Creatine combination in Modern CREATINE, it’s possible they’d take the chew idea, but apply it to new ingredients like betaine that are getting more and more usage.

No comment from USPLabs

Since our email to USPLabs’ marketing department went unanswered, our art department has generously provided a potential mockup of what a Gym Candy release event would look like, were we in charge:

USP Labs Gym Candy

USP failed to respond to our inquiry, so this detailed mockup explains how we would run a launch event……

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BPI vs. USP? Not the first time

All jokes aside, we hope this is competitive with FunnBar. It’s great to see companies in our space attacking new niches and new audiences.

Plus, who wouldn’t love to re-live another USPLabs vs. BPI Sports battle? After all, the entire Jack3d vs. 1MR debate still goes on to this day!

Both companies have obviously moved on from provided over-stimulated products like the original formulas of Jack3d and 1MR, but we wouldn’t doubt the competitive nature of both of them. Seeing USP go after BPI’s latest creation would make for some decent entertainment. Good luck trying to beat the chocolate caramel FunnBar, though – that flavor is incredible.

We’ll keep this post up to date with anything more we find out.

Isn’t Gym Candy a book?

Gym Candy Book

The 2008 book by Carl Deuker scores incredible reviews

Yes, and it’s actually a quite popular one by Carl Deuker, and is interestingly about steroids!

The story goes like this:

Mick Johnson is determined not to make the same mistakes his father, a failed football hero, made. But after being tackled just short of the end zone in a big game, Mick begins using “gym candy,” or steroids.

His performances become record-breaking, but the side effects are terrible: Mick suffers ’roid rage, depression, and body acne. Gym Candy’s subject matter is just as hard-hitting as its football scenes. You’ll find yourself unable to look away as Mick goes down a road that even he knows is the wrong one to travel. — Amazon

You can see the book here on Amazon. It actually scores incredible reviews, and has an interesting trailer below:

Until then, keep fighting the good fight, and beware of the free candy!

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