Ep1c UNLEASHED: Olympus Labs Next-Level Epicatechin

Olympus Labs Ep1c Unleashed

Olympus Labs brings a game changing all natural anabolic product to the market with Ep1c Unleashed!

Our bodies are in either a constant state of anabolism or catabolism. Anyone who’s even remotely interested in working out or adding muscle wants to maximize their anabolic potential – where the body is actively repairing and generating new muscle.

Olympus Labs is set to turn the muscle-building supplement industry on its head with the release of its brand new product Ep1c Unleashed. Now, you may be familiar with their original product, Ep1c, but Unleashed raises the bar and sets a new standard for non-hormonal anabolic annihilation.

We’ve done a lot of research on these ingredients for muscle-building purposes, and are excited for the new spin Olympus Labs is putting on them. Before we go further, compare prices below or sign up for deal alerts with PricePlow:

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The key ingredient here is epicatechin. In case you need a refresher on what exactly this is, see our in-depth write up over here.

Here’s a quick summary of its benefits:

  • Increased muscle growth and strength[5,6]
  • Improved endurance[1]
  • Delayed onset of fatigue[1]
  • Increased nitric oxide production[3]
  • Improved glucose tolerance

As you can see, if a supplement can truly harness the power of catechins and ensure its uptake by the body, it stands to be a real game-changer. Enough with the pleasantries though, let’s jump right into the ingredients and see what’s in store!

Ep1c Unleashed Ingredients

Ep1c Unleashed Ingredients

Ep1c Unleashed bring a novel ingredient to the epicatechin market with PhytoFUSE, ensuring maximum absorption of EC and EGCG!

Ep1c Unleashed has a rather small ingredient list (just 2), but they’re hidden behind a proprietary blend, so we actually have no idea how much of each ingredient is contained in the 500mg dose, nor do we have all of the trade secrets to the new compound.

Either way, let’s get to it and see what Olympus Labs packing into this potent anabolic aide!

  • PhytoFUSE™ Green Tea Extract with Soy Phosphatidylcholine (standardized to 95% (-)- Epicatechin)

    Much has been hypothesized about the positive anabolic benefits of catechins in recent years, but the main sticking point has always been it isn’t highly bioavailable to the body. Olympus Labs has invested time and research into unlocking a more potent delivery system for “EC”.

    By packaging epicatechin with certain lipids, they have found that bioavailability and absorption of EC was increased and decreasing the amount that was excreted[2,4] This is where the real magic of Ep1c Unleashed lies. Just adding a bunch of absorption ingredients together will not increase the bioavailability of EC.

    What Olympus Labs has done is essentially create a brand new compound from the Epicatechin in Green Tea Extract with Soy Phosphatidylcholine. That’s where the innovation is said to be, but that’s also where the research is still rather thin.

    Phosphatidylcholine is one of the compounds that could both increase intestinal absorption and provide a sliver of its own benefits, although those are tertiary considering everything else. It’s 95% high grade epicatechin inside of this single ingredient so that’s what’s most important when analyzing this ingredient.

  • Green Tea Extract

    Some of the Green Tea Catechins

    Some of the Catechins from green tea: EC (our interest here), EGC, ECG, and the well-known EGCG

    The most well-known catechin on the planet is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). It is most abundantly found in green tea leaves, Camellia sinesis in this case. EGCG is best known for its cardioprotective benefits, but recently, it has shown to aid in weight loss and warding off certain forms of cancer.[7,8,9]

    As was the case with epi-catechin, EGCG suffers from the same poor bioavailability. This means that although you may be ingesting a clinically proven dose of an ingredient, the actual amount absorbed and utilized by your body will be very little.

    That’s where the combination of EGCG and EC pay of in Ep1c. Research shows that bioavailability and uptake by the body is increased when EGCG and other polyphenols are administered with epicatechin.[10] More prominently, gallate catechins, like EGCG, increases the intestinal absorption of EC![4]

    We postulate that since it’s been shown that fat burners work better when they include all catechins (yet stay heavy on the EGCG), then an epicatechin-powered anabolic (ie Epi1c Unleashed) too will work better when it’s combined with the other catechins, yet stays heavy on the epi-catechin!

    So effectively, Olympus Labs is doing for muscle builders what the best fat burners have done with green tea. We look forward to seeing how this works for users

Two Dosing Options

Ep1c Unleashed offers two forms of delivery for those looking to maximize their anabolic potential. The first is in pill form where you would take two capsules pre workout on training days, and one capsule with breakfast on rest days.

Olympus Labs Ep1c Unleashed Transdermal

Don’t feel like swallowing more pills? Ep1c Unleashed also comes in a transdermal option that absorbs through your skin!

For those of you who don’t like to swallow countless pills, Olympus Labs offers the the transdermal option in the form of lotion that is applied to the arms, shoulders, or stomach. Simply use one pump and rub on dry skin. For best results use one full pump after showering and one full pump pre-workout.

Early Ep1c Unleashed Reviews and Results

Never one to just release a product direct to the consumers without putting it through the paces, Olympus labs invested in independent alpha testing to document the changes between the original Ep1c and the UNLEASHED version.

While they were optimistic, early feedback has users raving about increased endurance, record setting PRs, improved body composition, and enhanced vascularity. All signs point to the new and improved version of Ep1c being the real deal.  Here’s some feedback from beta loggers:

“Muscle Hardness/pump- 10/10 This is one of the very best attributes of this product in my opinion. I did not take a pwo and trained fasted for the majority of the run. The pumps I received were some of the very best I’ve ever had. Muscles would feel harder and full even into the next day… I started this log at 170lbs and ended at 177lbs for a solid 7lb gain!!!! This is an awesome gain to me for a natural product with very little body fat gain! Endurance was tenfold increased running this product. Workouts lasted longer with more reps and exercises. Felt like the energizer bunny all through the cycle!” – corbin@nutra

“So standouts this week have been two things, noticeable body composition and recovery. I trained 6 days this week and could have easily done the whole 7 no problems… Other mentioned things, volume and weights continuing to progress. Body composition wise, as I mentioned earlier in the week my waist size has significantly reduced… That is impressive, a natural supplement actually allowing me to increase my work load and causing fat loss and muscle gain simultaneously.” – NoAddedHmones “

According to Olympus Labs, loggers included those who were cutting, bulking, and recomping.  This furthers the fact that Ep1c Unleashed is an incredible versatile product no matter your training goals.  Plus, they were happy to report that there was not one negative feedback/review on the product with many comparing it to the effects elicited by prohormone supplements.

But on that note, this is not a hormonal supplement! With that said, it would be great to use between hormonal cycles and after your PCT!

Wrap Up

We were already huge fans of epicatechin, but this just might take it to the next level. Ep1c Unleashed seems to be different from any other anabolic boosting product before it, and even different from other epicatechin-based muscle-builders.

Many supplement companies have made the same claims that Olympus Labs stated, but few, if any, have the research and testing to back it up. Unleashed looks to just be the latest product in a long line of supplement that are high quality, scientifically backed, and 3rd party tested. To push yourself to its limits and unleash the inner physique you’ve always wanted, grab a bottle of Ep1c Unleashed, and await the gains!

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Either way, your link to Olympus Labs Ep1c Unleashed is below. Grab a bottle today and let us know if it helps you reach alpha status!

Olympus Labs Ep1c Unleashed - Deals and Price Drop Alerts

Get Price Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

Olympus Labs

Olympus Labs supplements: Turning Men into Demi Gods

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