Detour Lean Muscle M&M’s Bites: Mini Candy Protein Bars!

Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Cold Stone Creamery, Welch’s Grape Juice, and now collaborations with none other than M&M’s! Supplement and functional food brands are increasingly starting to partner with mainstream companies to help boost sales and attract consumers’ attention, and this one is getting a lot of the latter!

When you associate candy with protein bars, any individual — even if they’re not into fitness — may jump off their couch in a desire for that distinct flavor. Because as we know, protein is what satiates, and getting enough helps us from going into monstrous carb + fat processed food binges (and if you didn’t know that, subscribe to PricePlow’s YouTube channel because Mike will be diving into this soon).

Detour Lean Muscle Bites

Healthified candy bar or tastified protein treat?

Detour knows protein bars

Detour has a long track record of producing protein bars that goes all the way back to 2002. Detour’s founder was an Olympic silver medalist on a journey to find passion about performance and the benefits of whey protein before it was “cool”. For those who don’t remember (or didn’t eat protein bars at the time), the state of protein bars at the turn of the century were gritty, chalky, and had a lackluster flavor. This provided Detour with the opportunity to make protein bars taste as good as candy and Detour became THE protein bar innovator.

What are these M&M Protein Bar Bites?

Detour Lean Muscle Bites M&M's

Will these melt in your mouth?

The new Detour Lean Muscle Bites are launching in two flavor options – cookie dough and chocolate candy crunch. The partnership with M&M is featured in the chocolate candy crunch flavor, which is laced with mini M&M’s throughout the bar. The Detour Muscle Bites come in eight mini-size bars that are 20g in weight. Each bar contains 2g of fat, 10g of carbohydrates, and 5g of protein for a total of 80 calories.

5:12 “Protein:Energy Ratio”

This gives us a 5:12 Protein:Energy ratio (5g protein vs. 12g of non-protein), which is semi-low, but great compared to other M&M offerings. It may take a few of these to satisfy your body’s protein needs, at which point you’ll have taken in quite a few carbs. But if added in as a dessert after a high-protein meal, we can definitely get on board, especially for those who are on low-fat diets.

Once again, if you’re not sure what we’re talking about regarding these ratios here, then stay tuned!

Anyway, from the pictures released, the Detour Lean Muscle Bites contain a bottom chocolate base that’s covered with an oatmeal-infused main layer. The only variance of the flavors is the inclusion of cookie dough or mini M&M’s to match their names. Detour is no stranger on the block when it comes to protein bars or snacks. Keep your PricePlow’s Detour news alerts on for up to date coupons, savings, and sales from the brand:

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