Cellucor COR-Crunch Bars: Finally a Cellucor Protein Bar?

Cellucor COR-Crunch Bar

Is the COR-Crunch Bar finally going to be Cellucor’s entry into the Protein Bar Market???

We’ve been fans of Cellucor’s whey powders here for some time now, but so far we haven’t seen any kind of a protein bar from the company.

Well, that may be about to change! An intriguing Google Alert over the weekend tipped us off to the possibility of Cellucor developing a protein bar named the Cellucor COR-Crunch Bar.

First, we need to stress at the outset here that we’ve got no real information on this bar yet other than the name, and we can’t even confirm if or when this will turn into an actual product … companies do sometimes “test” product names and then never do anything with them. But we have to figure that Cellucor at least has a bar in development.

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Given the name, it’s fairly safe to speculate that it will be based on the amazing flavors they’ve created in their COR-Performance Whey Protein powder, a powder that is all over the place in our Top 10 Protein Powders List and Protein Powder Buyer’s Guide.

A COR-Performance-based bar?

COR-Performance has been on the market for a couple of years now, but if you haven’t given a shot as of yet, it’s an extremely solid low-carb whey formulation that we view as being up there with the best of the whey-based protein powders. We gave it a review way back in 2013 and were REALLY impressed with the flavors, particularly cinnamon, which is one of the best-tasting powders to ever hit the market.

Since then, Mike and CJ also reviewed Red Velvet Cake (and CJ tried Cinnamon Swirl again):

Some points of note are that it uses higher-quality whey isolate for the majority of its protein content, though there is also some whey concentrate if you’re lactose-intolerant. There’s also 5.5g of naturally-occurring BCAAs per scoop. We hope for a quality bar from Cellucor as well.

Following in the footsteps of MusclePharm?

This move may be in response to MusclePharm’s introduction of the Combat Crunch Bar last summer, which we’ve also covered. Combat Crunch is far from a “clean” bar, with relatively high sugar and carb content (thanks mostly to using actual chocolate for the outer coating and the “crunch” chunks), but they also taste fantastic and we have no problem with their ingredients for bulking season at the very least.

Again, we have no idea as of yet what these Cellucor bars will contain, but we’re thinking the natural strategy for the company will be to follow MusclePharm and lean “delicious” rather than “clean”, since they’re the kings of product flavor right now.

The Big Question

Cellucor COR-Performance Whey

Cellucor can do nearly no wrong with their whey protein

If and when Cellucor confirms the COR-Crunch bar as an actual product, the first thing we’ll want to know is what the protein content is going to be. A recurring problem with companies that produce quality protein powders and pre-made beverages is that when they dive into the bar market, they feel pressured to compete with the slew of low-priced bars that primarily use soy protein isolate or cheaper whey concentrate and cut the bar quality relative to their “big boy” products.

This is one reason Quest Bars do so well – they’re cleaner and have a pure whey protein isolate base – so nobody gets hung up on the lactose issue.

A mixture that contains more whey isolate and a bit less whey concentrate along with some milk casein is to be expected, unless Cellucor’s marketing strategy is either to go lactose-free or to go ultra-premium. It’s mostly a question of whether they’ll also cut the recipe even further with soy protein isolate, and if so, with how much. A little bit we can tolerate, as with the Combat Crunch bars, but when soy isolate is headlining the ingredient list it’s almost always the sign of an inferior product.

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