Cellucor CLK New Formula (G4 Series Information)

With all of the latest innovations happening over at Cellucor (including a new C4 pre workout formula), we’re happy to announce that despite the lack of discussion – they aren’t dropping the ball with their stimulant free, fat burner – CLK.

In a recent video published by Cellucor, the highly prized fat burner makes a brief appearance in it’s new and improved form, check it out…

The new CLK will be featured as part of Cellucor’s upcoming G4 Chrome Series.

Haven’t heard of CLK?

Check out the original formula, it’s not going to be around for long, but if you like what you see you can still pick some up here.

The Original CLK Formula

The original CLK formula was simple. There were no proprietary blends, and no long lists of underdosed ingredients.

The profile consisted of four components.

  • CLA – 1.7g
  • L-carnitine – 500 mg
  • Razberi-K (Raspberry Ketones) – 100 mg
  • 7-Keto® DHEA – 100 mg

Unfortunately, the research on most of them isn’t so certain. For instance, L-Carnitine is only useful for weight loss in users who are L-carnitine deficient, and raspberry ketones won’t really do anything for you at all – especially at those dosages.

And for every good CLA study, you can find one that’s not so good as well, so the product remains controversial.

So how much is going to change from that original formula?

The new CLK G4 Formula

Cellucor CLK New Formula

Screenshot of the new formula from the Cellucor release video

As of now, the new formula is still being kept under wraps, however, we do know of at least one major change coming to CLK…

They’re including an ingredient called SlimPro®.

If you’re unaware, SlimPro® is a BCAA enriched fish peptide derived from the northern blue whiting. It’s a rather new ingredient, but it looks very promising.

Studies have shown that it can increase CCK and GLP-1, which in turn signals the brain to control hunger.[1,2]

CLK G4 isn’t the only instance where Cellucor is using SlimPro® either, the ingredient also makes an appearance in their new Super HD formula.

Other than that, there aren’t any changes that we’re aware of…however, it wouldn’t surprise us if CLK goes through a complete overhaul.

Stay tuned for more Cellucor updates from PricePlow

In the coming weeks, we will have more information for you.

Cellucor is making a lot of changes, and bringing a ton of new cutting edge products to the marketplace.

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Mike Roberto

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  1. Cudennec B., et al.; Food Chemistry; “Peptides from fish and crustacean by-products hydrolysates stimulate cholecystokinin release in STC-1 cells;” December 2008
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