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Alpha Amino X is the “extreme” version of Cellucor’s much beloved intra workout, Alpha Amino

Much like Cellucor did for their popular workout C4 with an amped up various called C4x, they’ve followed suit and released an extreme version of their popular intra workout product Alpha Amino, aptly titled Alpha Amino Extreme.

What separates this from its tried and true counterpart? Energy!

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Alpha Amino Extreme Ingredients:

On the outside, Cellucor did things right when releasing this upgraded version of their intra workout. They’ve kept basically everything the same from Alpha Amino and added the “Xtreme Blend” to round out the product.

Just like Scivation’s Xtend Go and Muscle Pharm’s Amino1 Black, this extreme version adds an energy boosting element, in the form of caffeine.

Cellucor Alpha Amino X Ingredients

Amino X carries everything over from the original and adds an energy component in the form of 2 varieties of caffeine.

True to Cellucor’s ways, they’ve kept their energy matrix under the guise of the dreaded prop blend, which we’re never fans of around here. If we had to venture a guess, we’d estimate around 100-110mg though. But remember, that’s an estimate. So let’s see what else Alpha Amino X has to offer!

  • Alpha-BCAA Matrix (5g)

    Alpha Amino Xtreme utilizes the tried and true 2:1:1 BCAA ratio, specifically featuring a 3X Leucine™ Matrix for maximum muscle protein synthesis.[1] 3X Leucine™ contains instantized L-Leucine, Leucine Nitrate and Leucine Peptides to increase the body’s ability to fuel muscles, limit protein breakdown and preserve muscle glycogen levels.[2,3]

  • Alpha-Hydration Formula (3g)

    Xtreme’s Hydration formula is highlighted by the inclusion of HydroMax®, Raw Coconut Water powder, and Chia Seed extract among a variety of electrolytes.  Why these ingredient you ask?

    Although HydroMax® is typically associated for producing pumps, it accomplishes this by drawing water into muscle cells. This increases cell volumization and vascularity.  Aside from some great pumps, you’ll noticed increased endurance as glycerol helps maintain hydration levels.[4,5]

    Chia seeds are famous for their ability to suck up whatever liquid they are mixed in to. Due to their fiber content, chia seeds are able to hold 2.5x more water than wheat bran could.[6] Now, imagine that same thing going on in your muscles.

    Coconut water has also made waves lately due to its high electrolyte content that will help support and maintain hydration levels.[7] As we all know, lots of crucial electrolytes are lost through sweat when working out. Insufficient electrolyte levels can lead to muscle cramping and an inability to fully contract the muscle.

    The end result is superior hydration ensuring that you’ll never hit the “wall” when working out.

  • Alpha-Amino Complex (2.5g)

    The Amino Complex consists of a number of, you guess it, amino acids: Glutamine, Alanine, Citrulline, Arginine, Threonine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Tyrosine, Histidine, and Methionine.

    To highlight a few of these, Glutamine will help with recovery and helps to increase the rate of glycogen replenishment in the muscle.[8] Threonine is needed for the production of serine and glycine (other amino acids) to induce muscle protein synthesis in the body.

    Citrulline (an arginine booster) reduces soreness and fatigue while increasing your training threshold.[9,10] Tyrosine is important to the body and is made from phenylalanine. In terms of enhancing performance, it’s typically included to combat stress, improve recovery and improve cognition.[11]

    The goal of these extra aminos is to help provide the raw materials necessary for muscle growth and repair, and this amounts should be more than enough to do the trick.

    Cellucor Alpha Amino Extreme

    Cellucor Alpha Amino Extreme… now with more hexagons!

  • Alpha Amino Xtreme Blend (119mg)

    Now we get to the really innovative part of Amino Xtreme, well maybe not that innovative seeing as how several other intra workouts already do this, BUT…

    Xtreme’s blend contains caffeine anhydrous, XCELICOR™, Vitamin B6 and B12. You’re well aware of caffeine’s role in pre workouts and fat burners but you may be wondering why it’s in an intra product. Simple, caffeine is a proven ergogenic that increases performance, endurance, and energy levels.  If you’ve ever hit the wall before in a workout and felt like you didn’t have enough energy, this could just be the mid set pick-me-up that you need.

    The Pterostilbene-Caffeine Bond from the Patent

    The Pterostilbene-Caffeine Bond from the Patent

    Caffeine Pterostilbene Cocrystal (XCELICOR™) is a is a patented mixture of 43% caffeine and 57% pterostilbene cocrystals developed by Chormax.[12,13] It functions similarly to anhydrous expect that initial trials have shown it to be stronger and longer lasting than other forms of caffeine.

    The studies done so far show that XCELICOR™’s half-life lasts 6-8 hours LONGER than caffeine alone. This leads to greater concentration, heightened mood and a prolonged energy boost. Most pertinent for those that are stim sensitive, this increased effectiveness allows for a smaller overall dose of caffeine needed to reap the same benefits as you would with more common caffeine supplements.

    The problem is that we don’t know how much caffeine is contained in Amino X. Given that the whole blend is only 119mg, we’d venture a guess that there’s right around 100-110mg of total caffeine between the anhydrous and XCELICOR™.

Flavors Available

Currently, Alpha Amino Xtreme is only available in three flavors:

  • Grape
  • Fruit Punch
  • Watermelon

Additionally, it will only be offered in the 30 serving size tubs.

This is in contrast to the five flavors available for regular Alpha Amino and two serving sizes (30 and 50 serving tubs).


Mix each serving (1 scoop) of Cellucor Alpha Amino Xtreme™ in 8-12 fl. oz. of cold water or other beverage of choice daily. It’s advised to not exceed more than 2 servings at one time or within 6 hours of ingesting any other form of caffeine.


Ultimately, Alpha Amino Extreme does some things right by carrying over all of the blends that made Alpha Amino a popular intra workout supplement. But we have to ask ourselves, is this product worth it? Is the extra expense over the original justified by the addition of 100mg (give or take) of caffeine?

Time will tell as with all things. Be sure to let us know if you’ve had a chance to try the new extreme version of Alpha Amino and if it truly surpasses its predecessor.

One thing is for sure: the energy amino category is hot right now, so you can expect more products like this to come.

Cellucor Alpha Amino Xtreme - Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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Mike's goal is to bridge the gap between nutritional research scientists and non-academics who seek to better their health in a system that has catastrophically failed the public.

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