Apollon Nutrition Cluster Bomb – A Carbohydration Supplement

Apollon Nutrition Cluster Bomb

Cluster Bomb is a straightforward carbohydrate and electrolyte replenishment formula featuring Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin from Apollon Nutrition

Carbs often get a bad rap these days, with the majority of people embracing the low carb or keto lifestyles. But, in truth, carbs provide a readily useable form of energy for the body from which any hard-training athlete can benefit.

Now, some of you may not want to eat a huge bowl of oatmeal or rice before or after your workout to give your body the carbs it needs to perform and recover, which is where carb powders / supplements come in handy.

Hardcore Jersey-founded Apollon Nutrition has a carbohydrate powder that seamlessly stacks with the brand’s monster energy pre workout Hooligan or post workout recovery supplement Enigma.

Cluster Bomb is a “carbohydration” supplement that provides fast-digesting carbs and electrolytes to supply you body with what it needs before, during, and after your intense workouts.

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Since it isn’t sold in many stores (as you can see above), you should also check out the prices and the rest of Apollon’s line of supplements on their website at ApollonNutrition.com.

NOTE: This product is not to be confused with RedCon1’s Cluster Bomb. “Cluster Bomb” is a registered trademark of RedCon1, but Apollon also has an application for “Apollon Nutrition Cluster Bomb”! We’ll update this if either makes changes.

Cluster Bomb Ingredients

Cluster Bomb is a pure carbohydrate and electrolyte formula to supply your body with rapid-digesting sugars before, during, or after your workout. The added electrolytes will enhance your hydration and stamina making for a more productive all around workout.

  • Rapid Glycogen Pre-Load System

    • Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (25.707g)

      Apollon Nutrition Cluster Bomb Ingredients

      Cluster Bomb contains 25g of rapidly digesting carbohydrates from HBCD along with a full complement of electrolytes to support performance and recovery.

      Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD) has been the carb of choice in supplements the past few years for its rapid digesting quality, with no GI upset. Carbs of yesteryear’s supplements like dextrose, sucrose or maltodextrin is their slower gastric emptying rate, which delayed intestinal absorption and transport to your muscles.

      HBCD on the other hand, has a low osmolality, and high molecular weight, which means it flies through your GI system and then it’s onto supply your muscles with a easy to use form of energy.[1] For a pre, intra, or post workout carb, HBCD is exactly what you want as it gets to the muscles rapidly to get to work supplying your muscles with energy and the materials to rebuild and recover, thus keeping performance high and DOMS at bay.[2,3]

      Users who train with HBCD often notice faster energy and stronger pumps while weight training – this truly seems to be the carb that everyone had spent decades chasing (after years of messing around with maltodextrin, waxy maize, etc).

  • Electrolyte Optimizer

    Cluster Bomb isn’t just about the carbs though, it also contains a range of electrolytes to support your hydration needs before and after exercise. As you’re probably aware, loads of electrolytes are lost through sweat while training. And even as little as a 2% drop in hydration levels can severely hamper your overall performance.[4]

    Therefore it only makes sense to top off your electrolyte reserves and ensure you won’t suffer any cramping, cognitive decline, etc. while training.

    • Tri-Calcium Phosphate (278mg)

      Apollon Nutrition Cluster Bomb PricePlow

      Cluster Bomb will have you taking the war to the weights big time.

      While calcium is thought of purely as an essential component of bone health, it also plays a crucial role in proper muscle contraction and normal heartbeat rhythm.[5]

    • Potassium Phosphate Dibasic (180mg)

      Potassium is another electrolyte essential to heart function and also plays a role in skeletal and smooth muscle contraction, making it one of the most important minerals to replenish if you want to keep performing at a high level.[6]

    • Sodium Phosphate Dibasic (157mg)

      Sodium really needs no explanation, it’s everywhere these days, and often gets a bad rap (like carbs).

    • Albion® Di-Magnesium Malate (140mg)

      Last of the electrolytes is magnesium, which happens to be one of the most common deficiencies in adults, especially athletes. Low magnesium levels can be caused by intense exercise, excessive stress, or even too much calcium in the diet.

      In fact, magnesium might be the most important of all the electrolytes as it’s needed for proper muscle and nerve function, but moreso because it is required to move the other electrolytes (potassium and sodium) into and out of the cells.[7]

Flavors Available

Apollon Nutrition Enigma Benefits

Combine Cluster Bomb along with Engima for the ultimate 1-2 recovery punch combo.

Cluster Bomb comes in only one flavor — Unflavored, which makes it blend seamlessly into whatever pre workout, post workout, or amino acid product you’ll be drinking without adversely impacting the flavor. In fact, it might even help sweeten the flavor of whatever you’re using given it’s a relatively sweet carb here!


Supplements don’t have to be fancy, complicated, or trendy to be effective. Cluster Bomb is a straightforward carb and electrolyte formula that delivers the things you need most immediately preceding and proceeding your workouts. IF you’re training hard enough, there’s no need to be frightful of carbs, they’ll bring more benefits than drawbacks to your training and recovery!

Since it isn’t sold in many stores (as you can see below), you should also check out the prices and the rest of Apollon’s line of supplements on their website at ApollonNutrition.com.

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