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Apollon Nutrition is a brand new hardcore company founded by MMA fighter Robert Samborsky FOR the hardcore athlete, lifter, and combat athlete.

Our main goal here on the PricePlow blog is providing you with the latest supplement news and product breakdowns. On top of that, we also keep an eye out for up-and-coming brands that may not be featured yet at your local supplement shop to let you know who might be bringing the next wave of great products to the market.

Today, it’s time to gather everyone on the East Coast – we’ve got a brand specifically for the hardcore athlete who openly embraces heavy lifting, hard work, as well as heavy hitting. Apollon Nutrition is a hardcore athlete’s brand that’s born out of one of the most storied gyms in America.

We’ve got plenty more info to come on Apollon Nutrition, but before we get there, you can check their website at ApollonNutrition.com and see what PricePlow stores and coupons have them below:

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Who is Apollon Nutrition?

Robert Samborsky

Meet Robert Samborsky, Formulator and Founder of Apollon Nutrition. By the way, he’s also a champion MMA fighter!

Apollon Nutrition was born in Edison, NJ out of Apollon Gym, one of the top 10 hardcore gyms in America and was even featured on Bodybuilding.com in 2009 as Best Gym in the country! Apollon Gym has been around since 1975, when a young Rich Gaspari was making his way in the bodybuilding world. Over the years, Apollon Gym has seen the likes of some of the premier athletes around the world train there including:

  • Markus Ruhl
  • Alex Fedorov
  • Flex Lewis
  • Jason Arntz
  • Guys Cisternino

Apollon Nutrition was established in January 2015 out of necessity. Gym members were clamoring for heavy hitting, yet effective products, but they couldn’t find them anywhere. Robert Samborsky launched the brand with the sole intent of providing high quality, fully transparent products to his gym members, but the products caught on with many of the fighters that train at Apollon Gym, and from there the brand has experienced tremendous growth in the hardcore training circles.

”This is why Apollon Nutrition was created. It wasn’t for fame or fortune like many of today’s “personality” brands. It wasn’t created to end up in big store chains which care more about commissions than doing what’s right for the customers. Apollon Nutrition was built for the members of Apollon Gym and they never expected the brand to start getting attention outside of the walls of their gym.

However, it did. Word of mouth spread about the tiny brand because the formulas were just that good. When something is great, it doesn’t need a lot of marketing. It doesn’t require a big ad budget to get attention. People who bust their asses in the gym exist all over the world and they demand more. That’s why Apollon Nutrition is fast becoming a household name among hardcore gym rats. The people want more. They want Apollon Nutrition.”

Who is Apollon Nutrition for?

As you could probably guess from the introduction, Apollon is for the serious hardcore athlete and lifter out there. It doesn’t matter if you’re a bodybuilder, powerlifter, strongman, or crossfitter — if you’re interested in peak performance and pushing the limits of your genetics, Apollon Nutrition is a brand you must check out.

Typically, male athletes would be predominantly drawn to a brand of this sorts, but Apollon also appeals to women as well. Basically, if you’re up to snuff on how supplements work, and want them dosed properly, it’s worth the time investment to give them a look.

Top Apollon Nutrition Products

  • Hooligan (Pre Workout)

    Apollon Nutrition Hooligan 2017

    Hooligan is the heavy hitting, high stim pre workout from Apollon that’s fully disclosed and packs a whopping 600mg caffeine per serving!

    Hooligan is an extremely hard hitting pre workout designed to give you immediate energy and strength for the most intense of workouts. Each serving of Hooligan clocks in at a beefy 19.5 g and packs a tremendous 600mg caffeine per serving!

    This is obviously not for the faint of heart or stim sensitive crowd. Even caffeine junkies would be best advised to start with ½ scoop of the formula and see how they react. Provided you can handle a full scoop though, you’ll be rewarded with a very “balanced” pre workout that also supplies 6g Citrulline Malate, 1g Agmatine, and 1g Choline Bitartrate for performance, pumps, and focus.

    True STRENGTH if you can handle it

    Note that when you’re at 400mg caffeine or more, you’re getting into serious strength-boosting territory. This is thanks to caffeine’s ability to activate the calcium channel in your muscle fibers.[1,2]

  • Enigma

    Following an extreme workout, you’re going to have to recover hard. Apollon Nutrition Enigma is the heavy hitter’s strength and muscle building recovery product. Each serving features 5g Glutamine, 2g Creatine HCL, 6g BCAA, 1g Taurine, and a full 2g of LCLT to help your body recover, repair, and rebuild bigger and badder than before.

  • Chaos

    Apollon Nutrition Chaos 2017

    Want to see what a real fat burner can do? Enigma uses only proven ingredients in efficacious doses to ramp up fat burning and get you in fighting shape FAST!

    Chaos is an ultra-potent thermogenic fat burning formula designed to provide maximum weight loss in a single serving. As with all of the other Apollon Nutrition products, Chaos features on proven weight loss ingredients in efficacious doses — this is a real fat burner, not just some overpriced caffeine pill.

Full Disclosure Labels!

A lot of companies these days are touting fully transparent labels that clearly identify all of the active ingredients in their supplements such as creatine, caffeine, beta alanine, etc. That’s not enough for the guys at Apollon Nutrition.

They’ve upped the ante and joined the ranks of the few that have embraced full disclosure labels. Not only do they list all of the active ingredients, but also all of the inactive ones as well. Each product clearly states how much sweetener, flavoring, and natural coloring is used in each tub, so you know exactly what you’re putting in your body at all times. As an added bonus, Apollon uses no artificial colors in their products too!

Where to Find Apollon Nutrition Products?

Apollon has just shifted from gym-only sales to selling to the wider internet market. As such, they are primarily a direct to customer brand with a few select brick and mortar stores with hardcore clientele. We’ve found them on Amazon, and they should be starting to expand available outlets soon!

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

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Apollon Nutrition Featured Athletes

Claudia Gadelha

Claudia Gadelha isn’t just another pretty face, she’s also a bad ass UFC fighter!

Being extremely popular with combat sport athletes, it should come as no surprise that Apollon has a long list of talent from local NPC ATHLETES to stars in the world of MMA, Muay Thai, Strongman, and Powerlifting. Here’s just a few of their notable athletes you’ll see touting the brand:

  • Claudia Gadelha – #1 Ranked Strawweight Fighter in UFC
  • Corey Anderson – Winner Ultimate Fighter, ranked #6 in UFC Light Heavyweight Division
  • Joe “Barbell Joe” Rivera – Champion Strongman
  • Kaensak Sor Ploenjit – Muay Thai legend, 2 time Stadium Champion, Thai Athlete of the year, Ranked #7 Fighter of ALL TIME, Personal Coach of Apollon Nutrition owner Robert Samborsky!
  • Dan Miragliotta – MMA Top Referee (UFC, Glory, Bellator MMA, Strikeforce, Ring of Combat) and Top Muay Thai Instructor
  • Fred “Biggie” Smalls – IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, winner of Europa pro, two time Arnold Classic best poser, one of the top trainers & nutritional consultants
  • Shanique “The Future” Grant – IFBB Pro Physique athlete, 2016 NY Pro Champion, 2017 Karina Classic Champion, highly regarded as top Olympia contender
  • Dennis Hopson – IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, soon to make his PRO debut, winner of 2016 NPC Team Universe
  • Sharif Reid – IFBB Pro Classic Physique athlete, Fitness model and contest prep coach
  • Kirill Kozlovski – NPC National athlete and fitness model, won his debut in 2015 at NPC Tri State Championships. At his first National show NPC 2016 Team Universe he placed top 5, beating almost 40 athletes, most of them more experienced.

Where to Follow Apollon Nutrition

Free Samples are coming!

Want to try before you buy? Stay tuned to our Free Supplement Samples page – Apollon plans on joining so that you can make your buying decision easier, so check that page for their free samples!


There ain’t no hardcore like New Jersey hardcore!

Apollon Nutrition isn’t playing any games with their products. They have a very select niche of the market they cater to, and they chase it with reckless abandon. Their products may not be for the average soccer mom walking into a big box store, but for the heavy lifting, fast kicking, hardcore athlete out there, Apollon Nutrition is a can’t miss.

We’ll be putting their 600mg pre workout Hooligan through the paces here shortly, stay tuned to see the crew’s reaction!

Apollon Nutrition - Deals and Price Drop Alerts

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Disclosure: PricePlow relies on pricing from stores with which we have a business relationship. We work hard to keep pricing current, but you may find a better offer.

Posts are sponsored in part by the retailers and/or brands listed on this page.

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