Primeval Labs Ape Shit Ingredients: Explained by PricePlow

Primeval Labs suprised many when they released the Ape Shit Pre Workout, a supplement teeming with energy, focus, and some really epic pumps!

Primeval Labs Ape Shit Ingredients

CJ breaks down the energy, focus, and pump filled pre workout Ape Shit by Primeval Labs.

The pre workout is a tale of two labels — part open, part proprietary. While we’d always prefer a fully open label, there’s no denying the energy and pumps on this pre workout are legit!

Ape Shit Highlights

  • 4.5g pure L-Citrulline
  • 2g L-Taurine
  • ~274mg total caffeine content
  • Awesome flavoring

If you’ve read through our in-depth blog post on Ape Shit previously, here’s CJ with a video explainer to further break things down.

CJ’s Ape Shit Breakdown

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Note: This Video was Sponsored by Primeval Labs / Untamed Labs

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