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4/14/13 Rest Day

No “Colby” rest day today, I slept way in, rested all day, ate clean and went to work later that night.  Dosed 4 capsules of Fortitude 30min after dinner as directed on off days.

4/15/13 Max Effort Bench

Monday concluded our team’s week three of incline with chain.

Warm Ups:

I warmed up with various stretches, band stretches then, I grabbed the prowler+ a red band and did sled pushes down, and ran it back.


Incline With Chains:

Everyone hit PR’s tonight which was great!

  • Bar+chain 1×10
  • 135lb+chain 2×5
  • 155lb+chain 1×5
  • 185lb+chain 1×5
  • 205lb+chain 1×5
  • 225lb+chain 1×2 (PR)

My bench felt good, formed improved since last week, I felt like I had a lot more power out of the hole.

colby_weightsDumbbell Floor Press:

Weights are for each hand. These are awesome for developing power for the bench. Good transfer.

  • 100’s x10
  • 120’s x5
  • 130’s x3

During this exercise I jumped up and over to the lat bench and hit one set of reverse grip bench for 8 reps, with 205lbs.


Jeff worked with me on log presses (using a Swiss bar, we don’t have an actual log, yet) and keg presses.

Log Press:

  • 135 4×4-6
  • 155 2×3-5
  • 175 1×1
  • 195 1×1

Keg Presses:

The form for these are a lot like the beginning of the Atlas stones which is great for transfer strength.

  • We worked form with the 50lb keg (filled with water, balance is tricky!) 2×8-10
  • 157.5lb 2×1
  • 210lb 1×0 hurt my bicep with this one… called it quits after this.


My elbows were very inflamed last night, I had to 86 the Skull Crushers and the Rolling Thunder.


Just some body weight dips today.

  • 3×10

Band Extension Circuit:

I did a mini circuit, 25 reps at each station. We started with a large green band, medium orange band and finally a mini band. 3 sets. These burn!


I busted out a circuit much like the above with bands for my core, starting with a huge black band and then a large green band doing the standing banded crunches  20-30 reps each station until failure.


I dosed Fortitude 30min prior to training on a near empty stomach. Strength and aggression (in gym) increase have been very noticeable.  Sleep quality has been great, recovery seems to be improving as well. I am enjoying the benefits of the AI component in this product.

Day 19 & 20 of Colby Strunk’s Fortitude Natural Testosterone Booster log.

You can read the entire log at Colby’s author page. Please also subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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