Prodigy Day 2 – Herve’s Killer Leg Workout


Herve Doing Lunges on Prodigy Day 2

Today’s workout consisted of lunges, squats, leg press, calf raises, leg curls, and leg extensions. I hate working out legs because mine always feel so weak and hurt like hell the next day no matter how often I work them out. I have chicken legs but that doesn’t stop me from going hard.

Prodigy – Watermelon Flavor

Today I tried the watermelon flavored Prodigy pre workout supplement. I warmed up on the stair master on level 7 and walked up 500 steps in 7 minutes. That was definitely a killer warm up. I felt good today and completed my leg workout in 45 minutes, so with the extra time I did arm curls.

The fruit punch flavor definitely tastes better to me, but the watermelon flavor still had the same effect. I was able to break a great sweat during my warm up and maintain the intensity during my workout. That’s significant because I never sweat that much on leg day. I also never do the stair master as my warm up on leg days either.

Higher Intensity Workout

Maybe this prodigy thing is making me crazy. Or I could just be at a higher fitness intensity level than I was before. Anyways!!! I feel how I look and I feel good!

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