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ANS Fortitude Day 9 | Colby Strunk

Colby Squats

Colby Squats


Well, coming off yesterday’s “high” workout I was sorely disappointed in myself. My mind wasn’t right, I was stressing over all my responsibilities and wanted to 86 today’s workout all together but I told Jeff I could be at Elite to train legs hard (squat day!). As I mentioned before I trained legs Tuesday, Wednesday and now Thursday. My back and hamstrings were on fire, lit up. I pushed through a few sets before I threw the towel in and did some core then sat around watching others train which isn’t easy for me.

The Workout:

Jeff let me use his Adidas Olympic lifting shoes, which are awesome but took a lot of time to get used to and hindered my performance in the gym today.


I started off with Safety bar squats (65lb bar) and 45’s to a low log. I did 3 sets of 5-8 reps. Really focusing on pushing back and keeping my chest up, pushing off my heals. My body already started to fire up.

I then changed the bars out and did regular back squats.

  • 135lbx10x2
  • 185lbx5x4
  • 225lbx5
  • 275lbx6
  • Dropped the weight down to 185lbs for a few sets of front squats. Very low reps, body was FIRED up by this point.

Even in a lot of pain I really wanted to work in with Jeff. He set up the Buffalo bar with 200lbs of chain for 5 second pause squats. I did three sets, bar, yellow plates and then red plates (kilo plates).  Heaviest top weight was 355lbs for 5 reps. These were very hard but awesome.

To finish I did a few lumbar core exercises but they were half-ass so I won’t even list them. Same goes for core.

Overall I was bummed with the intensity/drive/mentality I brought. I was just physically and mentally not there today. I guess something was better than nothing.

Tomorrow I plan on bring it, chest accessory here we come. I will be at the college again, I will get some film. I think I will be less stressed after this weekend when I am able to do some homework.

This is day 9 of 30 in Colby Strunk’s Fortitude Test Booster log.

To see the entire log, read Colby’s author page. Please also subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

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