ANS Fortitude Log | Colby Strunk Days 4 and 5

Hey folks, hope you had a Happy Easter! Let’s recap quickly to Saturday.

Saturday – Saturday was my day of “rest” I worked a ten hour shift and sweated through a handful of shirts, ate food that probably were not the best for body (regular pasta with cheese sauce, chicken chicken Parmesan and a lasagna) . Work went well, I was exhausted by the end of the day, my body ached. I was able to take 4 capsules of Fortitude at roughly 10pm (the same time I take it every-night). Had a great deep sleep.

Sunday – Sunday was Easter as we all know, I didn’t do too bad as far as the diet was concerned. I did snack a little on a few chips, pieces of candy and ham. I downed a whole lot of egg whites with dinner.

After work that evening I was itching horribly to get back into the gym, I almost went Saturday night (I HATE rest days, but they are critical).

The Easter Workout

Last night I focused on back/biceps/core. Today is MAX effort bench with the team (I really want to “shirt up” and see how that goes we will see.

I took 2 scoops of Jack3d Micro blue raspberry flavor pre-workout and was off to the races.

I did these lifts in no particular order (I was really in the zone tonight and skipped all over the gym a few times) My gym intensity is has been steadily increasing since the beginning of taking this product (Fortitude)

  • Preacher Curls– I did barbell, dumbbell, machine (three different ones) Looking back I totally destroyed my biceps, doing over 200 heavy reps of concentration preacher curls. Weight varied from 60lbs-130lbs. Rep range 5-10
  • High Rows– I started at one plate each side, then three plates for 10 reps each. I then loaded it up with nearly 500lbs and had a friend help me rep out two sets of 10. This is BRUTAL. I then supersetted this lift with bend over rows, 185lbs on the bar for 10 reps.
  • Low Rows-This was just a hammer strength machine, started at 60lbs each hand and worked up to 100lbs for 4 sets of 10 reps
  • Rear Delt Fly– I used the hammer strength machine for a few sets then i used the handle (ropes seen in video) for a few sets. Great for beefing up your back.
  • Kettle Bell curls– As seen in video, only did two sets of these.
  • Over Head Press/Upright Rows – Now that my wrist is better I was able to bring back the upright row into my workout, I missed them. They have really helped my front delt/trap development. I drop setted these with overhead and vise -versa (seen in video).

Overall I had a great little back and bicep workout- pumps were intense, mental focus was right on point, and aggression in the gym was awesome.

ANS Fortitude is Going to Work!

Colby Strunk's Fortitude Log and Easter Workout

Getting that Shrink Wrap Feel

I can already feel this product hard at work, my skin is beginning to get that “shrink wrap” look, I am tight looking, full, and hard. I am slowly continuing to add mass and yet my abs become more visible by the day. It is incredible.

Not to mention past workout I ate two huge rolls, cheese cake, chocolate milk, basically everything one should never eat. I am experimenting with CBL. So far I am loving it and Fortitude is working on conjunction perfectly.

I am looking forward to a huge workout tonight at Elite Performance Center. I cannot wait. Today starts the first day of Spring Term. I will update you folks tonight as I near one week into this log.

I want to leave you with some song lyrics I really enjoy by All That Remains- The Air That I Breathe

“I will not relent no no Never live with defeat, never falter It’s like the air that I breathe(like the air I breathe) I will not choke on failure Cause I will not choke on failure

I am a mortal man But I’m not falling, I’m not broken yet”

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To keep up with Colby’s log check out his author page. You should also subscribe to him at YouTube/EliteColby.

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