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WHEW! What an end to a long and tiresome week. No rest for the weary however, I work tonight, a double Saturday and Sunday as well. Today I finished day five of my “Spring Break” by training 20 hours in those five days with Jeff Pearson. My body is WRECKED and I have never been so excited for a rest day in my life.

The Workout:

Today we focused on chest, accessory overhead and finished with some core. I arrived at the gym around 10:30am and weighed myself (I had a HUGE refeed last night and was clothed+fed and weighed 213lbs) That is VERY high for me, sure most of it is water weight.

Warm Ups:

I did my usual warm ups (Foam rolling ect) then slapped some red bands on the bench, did 3 sets increasing weight each time. I then started my working sets with blue bands (roughly 150lbs total tension at the top)

  • Bar+bands X 5 reps
  • 95lbs + bands X 5
  • 135lbs + bands X5X2
  • 165lbs + bands X 3-5
  • 185lbs + bands X 3
  • 225lbs + bands X 1

After being fatigued I began my raw sets.

  • 225×5
  • 275×2
  • 315×1
  • 345×1 (easy)
  • Tried 360lbs twice and failed
  • ADD Slingshot  365×0 my chest and shoulder was on FIRE I had to call it quits on flat bench.

I then began doing some barbell overhead strict pressing, played with 95lbs, 135lbs, 155lbs, 175lbs and back to bar for max speed reps behind the head and back to front.

By this point in the workout I was dripping sweat, Jeff says “Well now that we are warmed up we can start training” and he was serious.  He asked me not to share what we did next but I will tell you we did a insane amount of volume in a very quick amount of time, super setting chest movements.

We then fished with a sled drag with chains mimicking the “chest fly” movement, supersetted with dumbbell fly’s.

To cool down we did a 3 sets of a ab circuit.


Overall I have had an amazing week of training, I have had to push mentally just as hard as physically to keep my head in the game. Training at a high intensity for 20hrs this week has been taxing on my body and mind, not to mention I have worked nearly every single night as well.

I have been eating anything and everything in sight and looking learner while my numbers continue to grow. I have been dosing 4 capsules of Fortitude about 30min prior to bedtime (trying to take it at the same time every night).

Tomorrow I will be taking a “rest day” my body NEEDS it to grow and recovery, however, I work a double so that will be fun…

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