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4/20/13 Bench For Belle Meet+Training

First off I would like to make a shout out to ANS for providing me with their new pre-workout Ritual. I was surprised to see it laying at my door Friday night before the meet. I decided to take it for the first time on meet day stacked with 4 capsules of Fortitude, what an amazing combination! 

Fortitude+Ritual highlights:

  • Immediate aggression in the gym spike
  • Quick, clean flow of energy
  • Great pump/vascularity increase
  • Mental focus was outstanding, in the “zone”
  • Increased endurance

I was so amped after taking this product I stayed after the meet with my friend Jesse and lifted for another two hours! This product really impressed me (which is difficult to do in the PWO category) I usually need to create my own cocktail of four different ingredients but this one delivered!

The Meet:

I really had a fantastic time at the meet, I got to see a lot of people I have only met via Facebook and reconnect with a few friends from up north who gave me a lot of training tips. I weighed in at 208.8lbs

After taking my Fortitude+Ritual I was buzzing and ready to lift, in fact, I stepped up to the platform and was about to walk on way before my flight lol.

Warm Ups:

I hit a various amounts of raw reps before I put on the SlingShot.

  • 275lbsx5
  • 315lbsx5x3
  • 365lbsx1x5

Finally it was my turn on stage, we had an awesome announcer which added to the dynamics of the meet.

My opener was 415lbs – almost yawned after I was done it was so easy.

My second attempt I needed to step it up and get pumped, 435lbs was loaded on the bar, get it, had to fight it a bit.

For my third attempt I wanted to jump to a big PR so I had them load the load to 460lbs and hit it off my chest but gravity got the best of me this time.

After Meet Training:

Jesse and a few of his friends stayed after the meet to train at EPC with me. In short we finished smoking chest/shoulders. It was a lot of fun.

4/21/13 Sunday

After a hellish night at work I debated on going to the gym or to simply go home and sleep, well you can guess which thought process won that debate.

I crushed arms and back last night until nearly 1am in the morning, yes I repeat, 1AM in the morning.


Something lately has got under my skin, not in a bad way but in a very positive way. I feel motivated beyond words, I can’t describe it. I am ready to take my training up another notch. I am having more fun than ever in the gym, and being pushed harder than I thought possible.

Fortitude, now with the addition of Ritual has been the spike I have been looking for to take my training and body composition to the next level. Strength, fullness and intensity have dramatically increased over the course of this run.

bench 4504/22/13 Monday

Today, I might get a little crazy and bench, again, though I want to play with decline pressing for a few weeks.

Today’s workout will go something like this-

  • Decline bench
  • Fly’s
  • Delt raises
  • HIIT
  • Core

Days 25-27 of Colby Strunk’s Fortitude Natural Testosterone Booster log.

You can read the entire log at Colby’s author page. Please also subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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