ANS Fortitude Log Day 17 | Colby Strunk

4/12/13 Over Head and Bench 


I had a great and “quick” by my standards, training day on Friday. My day started off by opening the math book and solving all sorts of fun Stats II equations, differences of population means, you get the picture. After mentally exhausting my brain I did an assortment of mowing of lawns/chores, with work looming in the near future I just had to get my gym time in.

Since I am getting serious about this Strongman contest I focused on overhead presses during this workout.


Standing Barbell Overhead Presses:

I performed a variety of reps/sets, changing my grip to find what works best for me. I found that “shelf,” so to speak, where you can “rest” the weight on your lats then use some leg drive and blast the weight up (I did some sets strict pressing, some with leg drive).

  • 95lbsX?X?
  • 135X?X?
  • 155X?X?
  • 185X?X?
  • 205X0
  • 225X0

Tried some “heavy” presses but was toast by the time I got up above 200lbs, which is weird because I can military press nearly 300lbs…

Dumbbell Presses:

Shoulders were fired up, picked up some light weight and did some usual shoulder press then a few sets of Arnold presses. bench 450


Bench Press:

No day is complete without your daily dose of bench press, wanted a SlingShot opener for this weekend.

  • 135X10
  • 225X5
  • 275X3
  • 315X2
  • All Raw Above, then added SlingShot *red*
  • 365×3
  • 385×1
  • *switch to black SlingShot*
  • 405×2
  • 425lb (easy!!)

So I decided I will open with a 400lb SlingShot bench.

Cable Fly’s

Well, by this point I was just sore and tired. I still managed to bang out a few sets of cable fly’s to put my chest 6ft under.


I felt very aggressive, weight seemed “light” like I had my power back on the bench. Finished my training with some core, but was forced to race home to change for work.

Day 17 of 30 in Colby Strunk’s ANS Fortitude log.

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