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4/11/13 Squat Day

Jeff pull me aside and said he did a lot of analyzing of our training over the past few weeks and decided we need to stop training like “Pu*****”, “It’s time to step it up even more”, so he has been and I am too.

Max Effort Training

Max Effort Training

We started out with our usual warm up routine, then Jeff put together a circuit for us to do.

The Circuit:

We did 7 sets of the circuit to get warmed up…

5-7 reps squats, 10-15 reps of laying hamstring curls and 10-15 reps of leg extensions.

Safety Bar Box Squats + 150lb Band Tension:

Started with the 65lb bar + bands, added weight each set.

Laying Hamstring Curls:

Nothing special here, just throw a band or three around your ankles and bust out some speed reps, then slow controlled ones.

Leg Extensions:

Same as above

Max Effort Squat Triples:

After we were “warmed up” we did max effort triples, I started relatively light and “maxed” at 320lbs for a single. Legs were SMOKED.

Leg Press:

If the above wasn’t enough we did our usual calve raises but I wasn’t satisfied, I did an extra set of 10 reps with 500lbs of our special leg press machine. (simulates squat motion).

Strongman Training:

Well, it looks like I might compete in a Strongman contest in August, we did three relays of Yoke down and sled pulls back. I worked up to 500lb yoke and 400lb sled pull down. This is my cardio!


Strength is climbing along with my confidence in the gym, feeling leaner, tighter and overall a great sense of well-being. I am recovering faster from these brutal workouts than one would expect and I can contribute that to this product.

Day 16 of 30 in Colby Strunk’s Fortitude Natural Testosterone Booster log.

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