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photo 10000004/9/13 Tuesday

Tuesday was one of my coined “Colby rest days” meaning I went to the gym, hopped on a stationary bike and pedaled my heart out.

I then supersetted laying hamstring curls with leg extensions until it hurt to stand.

I can’t get enough of the gym while on Fortitude so I did…

  • Hack Squats 8-10 partial reps keeping all the tension on the quads. I then locked out and did standing calve raises. 20+ reps. 
  • Worked up to a 415lb dead lifts, doing singles-triples on the way up.
  • Burnt out core on hanging leg raises. *Just learned a new way to perform these, I will be trying them out this week*


Yesterday was a brutal back/bicep/tricep day at the college. I know I put in work when both my arms cramp up while I am shampooing what little hair I have in the shower before work..

I won’t bore you with the details, this workout was very similar to the last arm day I did (working with the same general arm day workout for one more week before I switch it up again. I add weight each week so my muscles don’t adapt to the same weight each week).


  • T Bar Rows
  • Bent Over Rows
  • Lat Pull Downs
  • Pull Ups
  • Seated Rows


  • Tricep Extensions (three grips)
  • Skull Crushers (standing)
  • Super Close Grip “Bench”
  • Arm Curls (hammer, spider curls, preacher curls *dumbbells, straight bar*, laying down incline isolation curls, Arnold curls, cable curls)
  • Upright Rows


  • Rope machine curls, 7 sets 10-25 reps each set, slow contractions, supersetted with hanging leg raises.
  • Decline sit-ups

Cool Down:

Stationary bike for 10min, and stretched! I was then off to work..


We are now at the half way mark for Fortitude and it is kicking in around full force. I am turning it up in the gym and in the kitchen. Body composition is looking great, strength it steadily climbing (no huge PR’s to report, yet) but I feel confident, full and strong.

Well, I am off to team training, today is squats!

Days 14 & 15 of 30 in Colby Strunk’s Fortitude Natural Testosterone Booster log.

You can read the entire log at Colby’s author page. Please also subscribe to his YouTube channel here.

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