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Well, what a weekend! Sorry it took me a few days to get caught up on the log. I was – you guessed it – at work! What should have been my “rest” day turned into quite the back/bi/core day.


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Preacher Curls:

I returned once again to my favorite bicep movement, the preacher curl. You might think I am insane, I probably am. I performed two different machine movements, barbell AND dumbbell preacher curls. I lost count on the various reps/sets but easily did a few hundred reps. The weight ranged from 35lbs-120lbs.

Cable Curls:

Quickly grabbed a straight bar on the standing cable machine and did 2 sets back to back of 120lbs for 10 reps.


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Lat Pull Downs:

Killed my back today with an excessive amount of pull downs, and pull ups. I performed 6 sets of pull downs, starting at 135×10 and working up to 330lbsx6 reps. Each set I moved my hands from super wide to narrow. I then switched bars (the neutral grip) and did two sets 210lbs for 10 reps.

After all those pull downs I attempted to do a few sets of pull-ups, I was able to do 3 sets of 10 reps.

Seated Rows:

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Just had to add a set sets of super wide grip rows into the mix. I went at rough 5:1 tempo, pulling movement being 5 seconds then returning quickly to the starting position. I might have jumped on the high row Hammer Strength machine and did a few sets… just maybe.


So you know how people use the rope attachment on the cable machines and do ab workouts with them? I did a LOT of those, but modified them, performed half the reps standing, wide base and crunched down, then dropped to my knees and did the rest. I performed 5 sets of 20+ reps and supersetted with hanging leg raises, ab bench and the Hammer Strength machine, abs were toast quickly.


This product gets better and better by the day. I have switched my dosing protocol to Pre-workout (empty stomach) and have had great results. Intensity at the gym is great. Eating like an animal and appearing leaner, tighter skin, adding lean mass. Couldn’t ask for any more.

Team MAX Effort bench tonight!

Day 12 of 30 in Colby Strunk’s Fortitude Natural Testosterone Booster log.

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