ANS Fortitude Day 1 and 2 by Colby Strunk

Colby's ANS Fortitude Log

Welcome to the Beginning of Colby’s Log!

I began using the product Fortitude by ANS last night. I dosed as directed; 4 capsules 30min post dinner/before bed. I did have VERY vivid dreams. They compared to those I have had while taking PowerFull by USPlabs. This is a quick and easy sign to show the product is already at work.

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Day 1 Stats:

Starting Weight 3/27/13 207lbs (T-shirt, boxers. 10:30 am) I always weigh myself around 10:30am at EPC. This is a “fed” state.

I will try and get some measurements for the log.

My main goals while utilizing this product will be to increase intensity aggression in the gym, add lean mass (hoping for 5lbs or so) and keep bumping my PR’s up. I will be running this product for 30 days.

3/28/13 Workout Log

I began my leg day like I always do, roller rumble (foam roll) stretch, basic warm ups which include TNE (terminal knee extensions) leg extensions, bar weight squats ect.

Jeff programmed our workout and it was INTENSE.

We did 4 sets of 5 reps (safety bar box squat with bands+weight) then supersetted with 10 high box jumps (see video)

After we were crawling on all fours it was time to start MAX EFFORT squats.

  • 185lbx5
  • 205×5
  • 225×6
  • 275×5
  • Add Knee wraps
  • 315×2
  • 365×1 (little high)
  • 405×0 (miss)
  • 385×1 (little high but a PR)

By this point my hip was acting up from Tuesday when a slightly tweaked it. We did 3 sets of one legged squats. It is a good stretch for the hips, works on balance too.

We then finished with leg press/calf raises (300lbs-400lbs) on our unique leg press machine that mimics the squat movements at EPC.

We spent another 30min cooling down.

We got to the gym at 10:30am and left at 2pm. This was a very good intense workout. A lot of volume was done. (many “warm up” sets not mentioned above).

Post Workout

After training I slammed a GNC Muscle Meal shake (whey, casein, carb blend) I had left over then raced home, “back loaded” with all sorts of foods I recommend nobody else should eat. LOL.

I then ate some:

  • fat free cottage cheese (1/2 cup)
  • 1 Cup plain Greek yogurt with almonds+oats

Later I had a chicken breast (plain)

I don’t “really” track my calories but I am going to try and estimate what a normal day would be. Probably within 5k a day or so (I’ll try and count tomorrow) All I know is I train 3-5hrs a day and can eat all day, night, before bed and still LEAN out while climbing weight weekly. Strength is coming along nice and can’t wait to see what this product has in store for me. I am very excited about it and the ingredient profile looks promising.

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