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Colby Strunk | Logging Fortitude by ANS

Hey ladies and gentlemen what is up? I would like to formally introduce myself.

My name is Colby Strunk, 21 years old from the great liquid sunshine state (Oregon). I train at Elite Performance Center under the guidance of gym owners Chris Duffin and Rudy Kabdlub; and coaches Jeff Pearson, Adrian Larsen, as well as the rest of the great team we have assembled there.

Meet Colby Strunk

Check out my full write up on EPC

I am also a full time student, majoring in Business Management/Leadership and taking some psychology on the side, I also work 5-6 days a week. Life’s busy.

OK, now for the meat and potatoes. I train as a “Power Builder” if you will. I am training for my first ever full power meet that will be held at our gym in June. I have competed in several “bench only” events and had great success at a young age,  181lb weight class. I have recently moved up to the 198lb class and sit currently around 207lbs soaking wet/fed.

Current Stats (roughly) gym numbers.

Bench Press– 355 Raw, SlingShot (red) 420lbs, SlingShot MadDog (black) 450lbs

Dead Lift– 435lbs Raw

Squat– 375lbs Raw

My leg lifts are quickly catching up, I used many excuses on injuries to avoid leg but my training partner called me out and have sense made great gains.

Colby’s Training Split

My current training split is 6 days on 1 day off. I really don’t like having “rest’ days but the amount of time I spend in the gym and the intensity that I bring demands this type of split/rest. I have three max effort days and three volume days, 1 day completely off, which is spend all day stuffing my face.

*I train my max effort days with the team or with Jeff, I also have a few other gyms I frequent to throw in variety and usually do my accessory movements there*

Monday- Max effort bench and overhead

Tuesday- Dynamic effort dead lifts/legs (lots of bands, blocks or chains used)

Wednesday- Arms day, curls, tris, light back

Thursday –Max Effort squats

Friday- Dynamic chest day

Saturday- Max Effort Deads with the team

Sunday- OFF or core/cardio ;)

I utilize A LOT of different equipment from kettle bells, chains, bands, machines, free weights, 5+ different types of barbells, atlas stones, strongman equipment ect.

I plan to bring it during this log, plenty of pictures/videos each week, workout write ups and my typical random life thoughts.


I am not currently following any “diet” plan, however, I do time my meals specifically. I have taken a lot of diet advice from Dexterium on the USPlabs forums and meshed that with carb backloading.

I eat a lot of…

  • Oats
  • Eggs
  • Turkey
  • Tuna
  • Chicken
  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Peanut Butter
  • The usual…
Colby's ANS Fortitude Log Begins Soon!

The ANS Fortitude Log Begins Soon!

Supplement Stack – Bringing on the Fortitude

I will be logging “Fortitude” by ANS and hopefully be able to try their new Pre-workout “Ritual” (also discussed here) during this log.

I will also be taking-

  • Protein shakes (post training)
  • A Pre-workout of some sort (I rotate daily/weekly)
  • Fish oils/flax seed
  • A multivitamin

I am running this stack “bare bones” so I can give a honest feedback on this product. I don’t know what to expect, I haven’t read any other reviews on it. I have taken products such as PES Erase, Test Powder by USPlabs and several simular products with great results.


This is just a quick introduction, I look forward to this!

To see all posts by Colby, including his Fortitude Log, check out his author page here and his YouTube channel at YouTube.com/EliteColby. You can compare prices on Fortitude at priceplow.com/ans-performance/fortitude

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