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Hey ladies and gentlemen what is up? I would like to formally introduce myself.

My name is Colby Strunk, 21 years old from the great liquid sunshine state (Oregon). I train at Elite Performance Center under the guidance of gym owners Chris Duffin and Rudy Kabdlub; and coaches Jeff Pearson, Adrian Larsen, as well as the rest of the great team we have assembled there.

Meet Colby Strunk

Check out my full write up on EPC

I am also a full time student, majoring in Business Management/Leadership and taking some psychology on the side, I also work 5-6 days a week. Life’s busy.

OK, now for the meat and potatoes. I train as a “Power Builder” if you will. I am training for my first ever full power meet that will be held at our gym in June. I have competed in several “bench only” events and had great success at a young age,  181lb weight class. I have recently moved up to the 198lb class and sit currently around 207lbs soaking wet/fed.

Current Stats (roughly) gym numbers.

Bench Press– 355 Raw, SlingShot (red) 420lbs, SlingShot MadDog (black) 450lbs

Dead Lift– 435lbs Raw

Squat– 375lbs Raw

My leg lifts are quickly catching up, I used many excuses on injuries to avoid leg but my training partner called me out and have sense made great gains.

Colby’s Training Split

My current training split is 6 days on 1 day off. I really don’t like having “rest’ days but the amount of time I spend in the gym and the intensity that I bring demands this type of split/rest. I have three max effort days and three volume days, 1 day completely off, which is spend all day stuffing my face.

*I train my max effort days with the team or with Jeff, I also have a few other gyms I frequent to throw in variety and usually do my accessory movements there*

Monday- Max effort bench and overhead

Tuesday- Dynamic effort dead lifts/legs (lots of bands, blocks or chains used)

Wednesday- Arms day, curls, tris, light back

Thursday –Max Effort squats

Friday- Dynamic chest day

Saturday- Max Effort Deads with the team

Sunday- OFF or core/cardio ;)

I utilize A LOT of different equipment from kettle bells, chains, bands, machines, free weights, 5+ different types of barbells, atlas stones, strongman equipment ect.

I plan to bring it during this log, plenty of pictures/videos each week, workout write ups and my typical random life thoughts.


I am not currently following any “diet” plan, however, I do time my meals specifically. I have taken a lot of diet advice from Dexterium on the USPlabs forums and meshed that with carb backloading.

I eat a lot of…

  • Oats
  • Eggs
  • Turkey
  • Tuna
  • Chicken
  • Ezekiel Bread
  • Peanut Butter
  • The usual…
Colby's ANS Fortitude Log Begins Soon!

The ANS Fortitude Log Begins Soon!

Supplement Stack – Bringing on the Fortitude

I will be logging “Fortitude” by ANS and hopefully be able to try their new Pre-workout “Ritual” (also discussed here) during this log.

I will also be taking-

  • Protein shakes (post training)
  • A Pre-workout of some sort (I rotate daily/weekly)
  • Fish oils/flax seed
  • A multivitamin

I am running this stack “bare bones” so I can give a honest feedback on this product. I don’t know what to expect, I haven’t read any other reviews on it. I have taken products such as PES Erase, Test Powder by USPlabs and several simular products with great results.


This is just a quick introduction, I look forward to this!

To see all posts by Colby, including his Fortitude Log, check out his author page here and his YouTube channel at You can compare prices on Fortitude at

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PricePlow Staff

Led by founder Mike Roberto, PricePlow is a team of industry veterans that include medical students, bodybuilders, a powerlifter, medical researchers, and a legal expert who became involved with dieting and supplements out of personal need.

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