Scivation Psycho – New Pre Workout Unveiled!

Update – April 4, 2013: This product has been delayed until further notice! It turns out that the formula was a bit too aggressive for a small percentage of users, who had a bad reaction to the alpha-yohimbine. Please read about it in our product link above or below.

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Pre-Update Discussion:

The amino acid experts, Scivation, have finally unveiled their latest and greatest pre workout supplement, Scivation Psycho. It is turning out to be a dramatic departure from the pre workouts that Scivation has had in the past.

Overall, we’re pretty excited about a couple new supporting ingredients, in particular, that will make the ‘standard’ ingredients (caffeine and citrulline malate) far more interesting. Can’t say much just yet, since our samples haven’t arrived.

Here’s what we know:

60 Scoops, 200mg caffeine for 3 scoops

One thing we love about it is that the tub has 60 servings. You can make that into anywhere from 60 to 20 workouts worth, depending on how “psycho” you need to get, and your stim tolerance. It’s important to note that there’s about 67mg caffeine per scoop, so 2-3 scoops will likely be your sweet spot, if it’s only caffeine that you care about. So expect to get about 25 workouts out of this… but basically anyone can get a good kick out of this.

Muscle Builders

Of the muscle builders, you have creatine monohydrate, taurine, and beta alanine. Pretty standard stuff anymore, but stuff that helps nonetheless.

Blow-Up Blend – The Pump Agents

This is where things will get fun at 2+ scoops. Citrulline malate + L-Norvaline + Enzogenol (pine bark extract – different from Pycnogenol, but both function as “nitric oxide amplifiers”), all mixed with CAPROS (phyllanthus emblica), which is an antioxidant.

It’s the 3 bolded ingredients mixed together that should do some serious good for your workouts. Not sure what effect CAPROS has, but looking at the write-ups, it certainly can’t hurt.

Cognitive Blend

You have caffeine, huperzine A, which is a great brain-enhancing nootropic, rauwolscine extract (great fat burner / stimulant), and sceletium tortuosum, also known as “the happy plant”. This is because it helps reduce stress and anxiety. Definitely sounds like the thing in here we’d be most interested in feeling!

Scivation’s Pre Workout History

Scivation has never really hit the home run in the pre workout world. Quake 10.0 was WAY crazy, stimmed out, and loaded with caffeine and DMAA. It was fun, but a bit “much”… and pulled from the market.

Next was Novem, which is being discontinued in favor of Psycho. We’re fans of Novem – good, clean energy – same type of caffeine usage – but the flavor system, while it tasted great, was simply a bit too… “intense” for my system. There was also not enough of a pump.

I find the flavoring issue surprising, since Scivation knocks it out of the park with their cornerstone BCAA product, Xtend. We hope Psycho will live back up to their incredible flavoring powers, just like Xtend provided!

Where to Buy Scivation Psycho

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