Proccor Intralyte – Pro-Grade Electrolyte Powder


Athletes who sweat a lot are going to like this electrolyte powder

Intralyte is Proccor’s hyper-hydration powder enters the electrolyte drink market with chelated minerals, BiCarbonates, and citric acid.

Put simply, we absolutely love this formula, and have made it the featured product in our electrolytes category.

Like the other products from Proccor, this powder is aimed at the high end of the market and boasts some of the highest-quality ingredients available, and undergoes extreme amounts of stringent quality testing.

Let’s take a closer look at the full lineup, but first, you can compare prices and sign up for price drop alerts below:

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Intralyte Ingredients

Intralyte Ingredients

The Intralyte Ingredients

  • Albion TRAACS Chelated Minerals

    Albion has developed a reputation as having the best minerals on the market. If you’re not familiar with them, chelation is a special process that alters mineral structure so that they’re more readily absorbed by the intestines (uptake of lower-quality minerals is notoriously poor).

    This process works both for the chelated magnesium[1] and calcium.[2]

  • BiCarbonates

    These are designed to buffer the lactic acid that makes muscles tired, improving both performance and endurance for longer and more strenuous sets.

    This has actually been studied very intensely in athletes, with endurance benefits nearly universally happening in any sport.[3,4,5]

  • Citric Acid

    Citric acid is included as some studies have shown that it lowers overall lactic acid levels in the body, decreasing overall fatigue.[6]

    It also seem so to reduce physiological stress[6] as well as having an alkalizing effect.

Intralyte vs. Sports Drinks

Electrolyte replenishment is obviously key, but there’s a big difference between a product like Intralyte and something like Powerade. Intralyte boasts no filler or artificial flavors or colors, and each serving comes packed with a total of 1100mg electrolytes and replenishing minerals.

There’s pretty much nothing to find fault with in this mix.

It’s all the basics an athlete needs for quick and thorough hydration and fatigue reduction, there’s no junk filler or questionable additives, and the ingredients used are of top quality.

Bonus: the Intralyte to-go container

Intralyte To Go Container

Take it to go in this guy

If you’re traveling, are a cyclist, or have any other reason not to carry around the entire tub of Intralyte yet would like to take some servings with you, Proccor has included a small plastic “to-go” container inside.

It’s just a small cyclinder (about the size of a roll of film — remember those?!), but it’s a testament to the extra thought that Proccor put into this.

Mini-Review – PricePlow approved for athletes

We’ve been using Proccor on and off, and enjoy it a lot. For the first time ever, the dosing instructions are exactly right – you’ll want about 8oz of water with each scoop, and when you get that, the lemon lime flavor is quite nice.

This can definitely be used as an intraworkout supplement or used to replace your sports drink for a whole lot less money per serving.

Looking at the research, this is clearly a bit better suited to those who actually have rough workouts or are doing intense cardio style activities.

If you’re the kind of person who goes to the gym and sits around for eight minutes between sets, it might not be your top supplement.

But if you’re really getting after it, sweat a lot, and have a go-go-go kind of workout / practice, then you should consider Intralyate.

If you want to water it down, you can do that too, but the taste will be a bit weaker.

Don’t be surprised when it fizzes a bit when you pour it — that’s the sodium bicarbonate getting to work. The endurance benefits are worth it!

It’s not only for athletes…

The usefulness of this powder isn’t just limited to the gym and the field, however … it’s also not a bad idea to keep some in an emergency kit.

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